Following on from the TED Talk: Dean Furness: To Overcome Challenges, Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Overcoming the ‘comparing challenge’ doesn’t happen overnight; it is a long process. Some might say, in my case, “With age 👵 comes wisdom 🤔” but I’m not sure that is necessarily true. 😊 Even now I catch myself looking at other people’s times, weights etc. At these moments, I mentally regroup and tell myself, “It’s my path I’m following, not theirs. Their numbers are a guide; they are not my goal”.

For me, it began with the realization that no matter what I did, I would never be as good athletically as Anna. Well there was that, but more so since we started traveling, actually getting to a gym was not always possible. And if we did visit another gym, we followed their programming rather than @bradletes. And trying to do the movements on the boat was challenging to say the least if not nigh on impossible.  I do know that I love a challenge so given my options, I modified the movements while still trying to use the same muscle groups. I have a couple of goals in mind that I will try for when we again visit a gym. But in the meantime, I will keep building my strength and keeping my sanity.

My plan gets tweaked and the goal changes as I decide on a modified or different objective but I’m OK with that because it is for me and I am following my path. I am not following a path laid out for someone else. Most of the time, I no longer compare my ability as a 62 year old with the 60-64 Masters and think “I am a failure” because I can’t do a free-standing handstand never mind a handstand walk.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be able to do a free-standing handstand so I am working on it. 

I used to be able to do kipping pull-ups; I used to run sub-3:30 marathons … There are lots of things I used to be able to do but are no longer on my radar. There are things I can do now though that I was unable to do before. So am I better now? Or then? 

Things happen, life gets in the way. It can be really disappointing but it is OK. Adjust, adapt, ask for help, regroup and reroute, stop comparing to your past self, stop comparing to others. Take stock of where you are now. Reach out and forge your own path. 


Let’s Make This The World’s Worst Kept Secret – shout it out!!!

T2 welcomes your help. It has been a secret for several months because of lots of uncertainty, however, as you may now know, T2 is expanding to additional premises (up the hill). So here’s where you come in. Share the secret. 

SWEAT, Row Zone and Yoga will be moving into the new facility. Spread the word and encourage your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to come and try a class or two. Let’s make it not-a-secret anymore. (Click this link to sign up for classes – first class is FREE)  

⭐️ 🚣‍♀️ And Coach Brad ensures us that if this week’s Row Zone class is fully subscribed, it will take place in the air conditioning of the new place. 🚣‍♂️ ⭐️ 


Don’t forget the FREE Saturday morning class at T2 CrossFit.


Food for the Week:  Stuffed Banana Paleo Diet Snacks by

I made it and ate it. It was so good. Very rich and filling.


Trivia for the Week:   Atlantic Crossing in a Row Boat

August 1, 1896 : George Samuelson and Frank Harbo arrive in England after crossing the Atlantic in an 18-foot row boat. They had left New York on June 6. (This Day Trivia)

(They practiced long and hard on the Concept II Erg)

Have a safe and cool weekend.

Joanna Tunnicliffe

Team T2 CrossFit


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