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I listened to a TED Talk the other day by Dean Furness and his subject was, “To overcome challenges, stop comparing yourself to others.” Dean had his life turned upside down when a very large bale of hay fell on his head and broke his back. He is paralyzed from the chest down and consequently is confined to a wheelchair. His talk is about how he overcame his challenges and how he changed his perspective on what he used to be able to do and what he does now. Even walking again became less of an important goal.

The talk got me thinking about what we do in the gym, at home, around town (well, when we were allowed to go around town), at work. How often have you caught yourself thinking, “I wish I could do that”; “I wish I was like her/him”; “There is no way I could ever complete a ‘marathon’ ”. Or “I used to be able to do that ergo I should still be able to”.

I love partner WODs but I would avoid the Members’ WOD on Saturdays if one was scheduled. (There is something mystical about the Saturday Members’ WOD, even intimidating). Why? Because when I compared my skill set to that of my potential partner(s), I always felt totally inadequate and that I would hold them back – they wouldn’t get a proper workout because they were having to use my weights (which for them were too light) or I’d be too slow ..… 

It took a while but I did eventually pluck up the courage to go and somehow it work. Everyone ended up smiling and sweaty.

But it was me comparing myself to others and feeling inadequate that held me back. Once I stopped comparing and accepted what I could do, I felt more (not totally) comfortable with showing up.

So how do you find that place in your head? What does it take to stop comparing? When do you reach that point when it is about you and what you can do? Not what you feel you should be able to do? (continued next week)


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Food for the Week: Blender Almond Flour Paleo Tortillas from Paleo Gluten Free Eats

These are delicious. They are very similar to Naan but crispy. I served them with a sliced steak stir fry. It was all too delicious. No image – ate them before I thought about it.


Trivia for the Week: This Day Trivia

Wrong-Way Corrigan  July 17, 1938

American aviator Wrong-Way Corrigan takes off from New York making a nonstop transatlantic flight – without a permit – landing in Ireland the next day. He claimed he had intended to fly to Los Angeles, but had followed the wrong end of his compass. 🤔

He had repeatedly applied for a permit for a transatlantic flight, but was rejected because his airplane was deemed not airworthy.

Dr. Spock Wins Olympic Gold  July 17, 1924

Future baby doctor Benjamin Spock wins an Olympic gold medal for rowing in the 1924 Summer Olympics.  🚣‍♂️

First Sewing Machine  July 17, 1790

English cabinetmaker, Thomas Saint, patents a machine with features that are basic to most modern sewing machines. It is not known if he ever built one.


Thank you Brad @bradletes for Paul’s and my anniversary wod; and thanks to everyone who, though puzzled by the numbers, also completed it.  

Got to love 12.1 🧡🖤🤪🤢

Thank you for continuing to wear a mask and clean. Please make sure to take your masks home with you especially the disposable ones.

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