Tell Us About yourself: I am at a great place in my life. I share my life with a wonderful person, Ewelina. Many of you who are reading this know her. She has made me the best possible version of me. I am lucky to be the dad of a wonderful 12-year-old, AJ. We have two cats that shed all the time. I spent five years on the USS Alaska 732B, an Ohio class submarine based out of Bangor, Washington. After the Navy, I went to West Virginia University and earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. The funny thing is, I’ve never done anything related to my field of study. I’m a self-taught mechanical and process engineer plying my trade in the energy industry. 

How would your best friends describe you? My friends would say I’m hardworking, loyal, funny but can get fired up from time to time. A better question would be, how would the people who work with you describe you?

What is one thing that people find surprising about you? I was part of a submarine crew that launched an unarmed nuclear missile from 150 feet below the surface of the ocean. Like I didn’t pull the trigger or anything but was right beside open fire control circuits with a loaded shotgun when it launched, that was pretty cool. 

How long have you been doing CrossFit? I’ve been attempting to do CrossFit for about four years. The first year doesn’t count, but I won’t get into that here. I’ve been a member of T2 for three years. Granted, I took a sabbatical for a while so I would say I’ve been doing CrossFit for a little over two years. 

What made you start CrossFit? I got tired of doing the same 5×5 workout scheme over and over. Everything hurt, and I couldn’t touch my toes. Well, I still can’t touch my toes but hey, I’m getting closer.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit? That it’s a lifestyle that promotes healthy and comprehensive wellness; for me, CrossFit allows me to escape from my daily stress and focus on myself. My mind goes completely blank for those few minutes which keeps me sane. 

What is your favorite movement? Rowing and wall balls.

What is your least favorite movement? Wasn’t there a Pringles commercial that said something along the lines of “bet you can’t just eat one?” I have that problem, especially with cupcakes and least favorite movements. Let me see, burpees, squat snatches, handstand pushups, and sometimes running.

What is your biggest accomplishment to date both CrossFit related and non-CrossFit related? CrossFit wise, I would say getting my first fist bump from Brad after a WOD. Not the “dude are you okay” kind, but the “hey, good job” kind. Non-CrossFit related, the last ten months or so have been a whirlwind for me. I purchased a local mechanical and electrical engineering company with about 30 employees. Figuring out how to be a business owner, implementing a culture change within the company, while trying to keep our existing clients and grow the company at the same time has been by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. At the end of the day, what I figured out is, as long as I keep moving and keep putting forth the effort, it all works out.

What is your next goal? It may sound trivial to some, but to find and maintain a good work/life balance. But for me taking time for me and being able to get to the gym is important. I’ve found a somewhat manageable schedule. I need to stick to it.

What is your favorite WOD you have done so far? I don’t have a particular one WOD, that’s my favorite. What I would consider my favorite, it’s the Row Zone classes.

Free write: Shout out to the 4 pm class. I truly enjoy everyone’s company, and I am inspired by their hard work and effort put forth in every class. I am thankful for the coaches and everyone who makes T2 what it is. 

(Ed Note: Nice job Bob and you are so right making sure you keep the balance between work and time for yourself.)


CrossFit is so much more than just a sport. We celebrate our people and we celebrate with our people.


Congratulations to Coach Anna who, last week, was inducted into her high school, Perrysburg High School, Hall Of Fame. Sentinel- Tribune


February’s challenge – almost there. Just a few more push-ups to go. 


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This week’s food: Paleo Whole 30 Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole by   

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This Week’s Trivia: February 29th: 9 Quirky Leap Year Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. The rule: Leap Day happens every four years unless it doesn’t.

2. What’s crazier than February 29th? A woman proposing to a man, says history.

And so on … follow the link to find out the details. 😊 


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Be safe.


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