Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at the 10 areas of fitness highlighted by CrossFit that are important to fitness, good health and wellness. And if you refer to the article below there now seems to be scientific evidence that physical activity “makes you happier than money”. Don’t you owe it to yourself to get moving? We can’t make you do it; we can help you do it.

“Exercise Officially Makes You Happier Than Money According to Yale And Oxford Research”

(Photo: Wade Roth Photography)

Here’s how we can help. Using the 10 areas of fitness, we will

Accurately set up a fitness and nutrition plan that will

Agiley guide you along the path while keeping

Balance in your different lives – family/home, work and fitness –

Coordinating on a regular basis with the coaches to help you 

Endure the process which might at first be hard but with 

Flexibility built into the plan it will be manageable and will become habit-like thus giving you

Power to make the correct decisions in a

Speedy fashion with no hesitation which will build your 

Stamina and 

Strength to continue for the long haul to reach and surpass your personal goals.

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FREE TRIAL CLASS – Learn in the class setting with personal attention to the details. Call, text or email Coach Anna when you would like to come so we can make the necessary arrangements for you. Text New member to (412) 772-4264   office.t2crossfit@gmail.com

Free Trial Class schedule: Mon-Fri 5:30, 6:30, 9:00am; 12:10, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00pm (No 7:00pm on Fridays)


T2 Kids, Preteens & Teens: Last week was congratulating the adults who completed the Opens. The week, the spotlight is on our Teens who competed in the Opens: Maggie (2nd time), Matt and Mia (1st time). If you see them around the gym, give them a fist bump especially as they completed all their workouts Rx. 


This pile of plates were used in a workout recently by a T2 member who, when he first came to us, would use 1 x 45# plate (4”) for step-ups. By working on all 10 areas of fitness, he is now up to 18.5”; soon to be 20”. 


Saturday, 6 April 2019 

9:00 FREE Adult Community Class – no membership required

10:30 Members’ WOD (not available for FREE Trial class offer)

Sunday, 7 April 2019 T2 Fitness classes 

8:00 SWEAT (Ladies only)

9:00 Cycle on Sunday

10:00 Row Zone!

Tuesday, 9 April 2019 T2 Fitness

10:30 Cycle on Tuesday

T2 Fitness – No membership required : sign-up required 


*****If you would like to take a fitness class, please make sure you sign up the night before.  If there are no sign ups before 8pm, there will not be a coach for the class, therefore no class.*****


T2 CrossFit members’ Unlimited T2 Fitness subscription available.

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USA Weightlifting Level 1 Course, June 8-9th 2019

And ……

The Rx Method @ T2 CrossFit – jump rope, double under clinic 

Saturday, 15 June 2019  2:30-5:30pm

Click link to reserve your spot.


This week’s tasty dish: It’s starting to get warmer and the want to eat salads is coming back more..but we always struggle to find a healthy approved salad dressing…check out this paleo maple balsamic vinaigrette from @joyfoodsunshine! Recipe link:  www.joyfoodsunshine.com


Today’s Fun/Trivia: This post has been circulated so much on social media, I hope the originator doesn’t mind me sharing here because it is so true. 


T2 CrossFit Team


********Outside The Box : Dates for your diary

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Course, June 8-9th 2019 will be hosted by T2 Crossfit. Make a note of the date. Registration and more details to follow soon.

The Rx Method @ T2 CrossFit – jump rope, double under clinic 

Saturday, 15 June 2019  2:30-5:30pm

Learn the basics of jump rope, singles, double unders from the industry’s leading experts.

Click the link to reserve your spot. Also open to non-T2 members.


To read about Paris’s and Anna’s journey to qualify to represent USA at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, click here Henken : Tobias Sailing

They are in Palma de Mallorca at the moment for the Trofeo S. A. R. Princesa de Sofia regatta. Click here for the website.  Good luck ladies. 


Please share with me, dates of events in which you are participating, to which you would like to bring attention: road races, competitions, fundraisers …


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