When commentators refer to an athlete’s ‘engine’, are they referring to the athlete’s stamina? Or endurance?

Actually, both are being referenced. Endurance, as we have discussed earlier, is the ability to just keep going but not necessarily at the same intensity, eg starting a 10K road race running and finishing it walking. Stamina, on the other hand, is the ability to maintain the same intensity over a period of time, eg completing that same 10K distance and maintaining from start to finish a 7:00min/mile pace. 

One effective way to improve stamina is to do ‘weighted carries’ ie, walk while carrying weights. Don’t go too heavy to begin with; be certain to maintain good posture, a tight core. Like all strengthening exercises, it takes patience and time and perseverance to build stamina. Farmers carries, lunges with dumbbells (19.3), overhead plate carries, use your imagination.

Below is a link to a great article explaining in more detail the difference:

“What Is The Difference Between Stamina And Endurance?”

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How’s your Stamina, if that’s not to personal a question?

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And let’s face it, when sipping wine and shopping, you need stamina.

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Today’s Fun/Trivia: “Éirinn go Brách”

Some facts and trivia that maybe you didn’t know about St Patrick’s Day, including: Patrick wasn’t his given name, it was Maewyn; leprechauns earn their gold mending shoes; the corn in corned beef refers to the large lumps of salt used to cure the meat (nothing to do with corn); Patrick’s color was light blue not green; and he wasn’t even Irish.

15 Things You Might Not Know About St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day on Sunday. 


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