Flexibility : the quality of bending easily without breaking

Did that make you smile? I imagine that after 19.1, there was  limited flexibility in the legs and maybe, shoulders and back. Did you stretch after completing 19.1? Or did you just go home after scraping yourself off the floor?

Flexibility is something that is critical to everyone. It allows us to move without fear of pain or hurting ourselves. Flexibility and range of motion are a function of each other – without flexibility there is poor range of motion. And each joint in the body has its own specific range of motion – shoulders, huge range of motion, ankles, not so much. So by working on your range of motion you will improve your flexibility. (Think ankle and shoulder flexibility for dumbbell overhead squats.)

Just as last week you needed endurance for 19.1, maybe this week there will be a movement in 19.2 which requires good flexibility. So get stretching – static and dynamic.

A link to a really good article and explanation of “The Essential Role of Flexibility for Crossfitters and Gymnasts” by Andrea Itu, BoxRox


19.2 announcement at 8pm  Careful what you wish for.

Friday Night Lights : first heat begins around 4pm. 

Good luck. 


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To read about Paris’s and Anna’s journey to qualify to represent USA at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, click here Henken : Tobias Sailing


T2 Kids, Preteens & Teens

Our CrossFit Kids classes did their own version of 19.1; the little kids used stuffed animals for wallballs. 


This week’s tasty dish: Paleo Egg Cups

For the recipe and picture, please visit: A Healthy Life For Me

Today’s Fun/Trivia: 

Did you know that from the time it was discovered in 1930 to the time it was “demoted” to the status of dwarf planet, Pluto never fully orbited the Sun.

Burpees! Hopefully in 19.2 


T2 CrossFit Team


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