What was the first thing that came to mind when you read that question? Putting a basketball in the hoop? A hunter with his bow and arrow? Playing throw and catch with your child? Parking the car in the garage without hitting the sides? Hitting the chair when sitting down. If you really think about it, there are many, many ways in which you need to be accurate, some more obvious than others. 

What does it take to be accurate? Spatial awareness, muscle control for placement, muscle control of speed, and being aware of where one’s body parts are at any particular moment (this is not a finite list, it is just to give an idea).

How does one become more accurate? And do you need to? Practice and repetition without intensity – so, not in a workout, not in competition, not in a time-crunch, not under pressure. Yes, you need to. Accuracy is a “neurological adaptation, which means it is a learned skill developed in the brain ….” (The Skill You Are Ignoring – CrossFit Journal Brittany Saline April 28 2017) If you are accurate in your movements, you are performing them correctly and efficiently and less likely to injure yourself (or the car in the garage).

Accuracy is one of the ten recognized fitness domains around which CrossFit is built. The other nine are, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Endurance, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Stamina, Strength.

If you would like to read more about accuracy, please read the article linked above.


Touch Up Painting – accuracy with a paint sprayer, paint brush or roller

Dan Thomas, Solid Painters, has very generously offered to touch-up the paint work around the gym to ‘glam it up’ for the AnnaParis2020 Fundraiser. 

“I would like to do the painting at T2 on Saturday afternoon. Will anyone be there after the WOD on Saturday? I should be there around noon to start working. I really don’t need much help I just want to make sure I can get into the building.” 

He says he doesn’t need much help but if you see him, please ask him to see if there is anything you can do. Thank you, Dan.


How close is Tokyo? Approximately 7,350 miles; 19 months in terms of Olympic Games. Please come to the fundraiser organized by T2 CrossFit friends and members to help Anna and Paris to get there on Saturday, 9 February. Bring friends and family. And if you can’t make it, but would like to help support, there is a link to a Crowdrise page.  All the information you need can be found through this link:  AnnaParis2020.com   Or you can ask Joe Yost at joe@YostTeam.com


The Lurong Challege is underway. If you signed up, good luck. Even if you didn’t sign up this time, you might want to ‘shadow’ someone who did just to gain a little experience and knowledge about what goes on and how it all works and how the community supports the participants.

Workouts will officially be on Saturday mornings beginning at 8:00am, unless otherwise arranged. Make sure to ask the coach who is in the building.

Coach Matt is the go-to guy again for weights, measurements, questions and queries.


Fundamental Class: A great opportunity for a refresher course alongside a friend who is trying CrossFit for the first time. Call 412-277-5922 or email office.t2crossfit@gmail.com to reserve your spot.


B-I-N-G-O ….. Thank you, everyone, for all the wonderful T2 CrossFit reviews. Only a few days left; ends 31 January.


Saturday, 26 January 2019 

9:00 FREE Adult Community Class – no membership required

10:30 Members’ WOD

Sunday, 27 January 2019 T2 Fitness classes 

8:00 SWEAT (Ladies only)

9:00 Cycle on Sunday

10:00 Row Zone!

Tuesday, 29 January 2019 T2 Fitness

10:30 Cycle on Tuesday

No membership required : but sign-up preferred 


T2 CrossFit members’ Unlimited T2 Fitness subscription available.

SWEAT/CYCLE/ROW ZONE! : For more information, make sure to follow our page on Instagram (search: Top) t2_fitness_   (search: People) @t2_fitness_   #tag us: #t2_fitness_


Today’s Fun/Trivia: So who is responsible for the burpee? Turns out that a guy, Royal H Burpee, developed the movement as a ‘test of fitness’ for his PhD thesis. His burpee was not quite what is commonly done today but blame him next time you are ploughing through 20 or so, not the coach.

Where Do Burpees Come From? (Spoiler Alert: Not Hell)

Yay Burpees!


T2 CrossFit Team


********Outside The Box: Dates for your diary

GSCT – Girl Scout Cookie Time. Not sure if this is still going on, but check. There are several Girl Scouts in and around the box. Feel free to splurge if not for the troops, then yourself. 

Order Girl Scout cookies either at the gym or via Stella’s online link: https://digitalcookie.girlscouts.org/scout/stella312195

For Stella’s message, see blog, 1/10/2019 


New shirts – t-shirts and long sleeved thermals.


FitAid: please pay for the cans you take. You can now charge your cc charge purchase (2 cans minimum) through the Gym Store on your account. There are step-by-step instructions next to the computer if you need help.


Grocery bags: still collecting, still making mats, see the one at the gym.


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