Here is our November Athlete of the Month!!!

  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit? 5 months
  2. What other sport(s) do you play? Swimming
  3. What is your favorite CrossFit movement? Jumping Jacks
  4. On what are you working hardest to improve? Box Jumps
  5. Which athlete do you look up to the most? Anna “… because I see her sometimes”. 

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If the Kids can do it, maybe you can too?


T2 Holiday Party : Saturday 8 December 

Planning is in full swing, so please join us for the 3rd annual T2 Holiday Party on December 8th at 3 pm. Main dishes will be provided, feel free to bring a side to share! $20 for non members…RSVP by signing up in the T2 lobby #t2crossfit #tistheseason

Once again, there will be a raffle to raise money for a charity – TBD (apparently the choice is down to two). It would be wonderful if you felt able to donate a basket. However, an idea was put forward of each class putting together a basket. Either way, thank you in advance. 

Also, if you have an outdoor/large version of any game, Corn Hole, Chequers, Jenga, etc, may we please borrow it? Thank you again. You are such an awesome community. 

Questions should be directed to Anna or Dana.


But first, at this really really busy time of year, it is really really important to make time for and to treat yourself or someone you love.

Rowing 101: whether you wish to improve your technique during workouts or want to add Row Zone! as a workout in your week, take the clinic. Learn the most efficient way to get the most calories and meters for each stroke. Learn pacing – for short hard sprints and longer endurance rows.

Next clinic: Saturday, 1 December @ 12 noon   

Sign up: or at the gym.

No membership required to take Rowing 101 or Row Zone!

Taking the clinic is the best option for learning but if necessary a one-on-one with a coach can be arranged. Call in at the gym and see coaches for pricing or use the email above.


SWEAT/CYCLE/ROW ZONE! : For more information, make sure to follow our page on Instagram (search: Top) t2_fitness_   (search: People) @t2_fitness_   #tag us: #t2_fitness_


Lurong Challenge Series – Resolution 2019 is open for Early Bird Registration. Check out the Home Page for some amazing before and after stories and read up about how the whole community helps you to succeed. Speak with  Anna or Coach Matt with any questions, queries or concerns.


Saturday, 1 December 

9:00 FREE Adult Community Class

10:30 Members’ WOD

12:00 Rowing 101 clinic

Sunday, 2 December

8:00 SWEAT (Ladies only)

9:00 Cycle

10:00 Row Zone!


FitAid: please pay for the cans you take. You can now charge your cc charge purchase (2 cans minimum) through the Gym Store on your account. There are step-by-step instructions next to the computer if you need help.


Today’s Fun Fact: The nickname “Uncle Sam” comes from a real man. Samuel Wilson was a meatpacker from Troy, New York, who supplied barrels of beef to the U.S. Army in the War of 1812. He stamped his shipments with a “U.S.”, that gained him the moniker of “Uncle Sam”, which then became a symbol for the United States. (Find A Grave)

Be safe. Try to stay warm and dry.

Thought this was a great photo so I hope they don’t mind me sharing. Coach Matt, Lindsey and their children, braving the cold for last week’s Turkey Trot. #asafamily


T2 CrossFit Team


*Outside The Box:

***Friday, Dec. 7 at Bridgeville’s annual Winter Blast event at Triangle Park.

***Friday, Dec 7 South Fayette Holiday Celebration presented by Washington Financial Bank & Dunkin’ at South Fayette Volunteer Fire Department (Cuddy)

***Saturday, 8 December: 3rd Annual Holiday Party

***Saturday, 5 January 2019: Kettlebells4Kids @ T2 CrossFit


Grocery bags: still collecting, still making mats, see the one at the gym.


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