Scaling vs Adapting

Hands up how many of you went for Rx today. How many of you chose the scale before your started? Today’s workout was a good one to try for Rx movements even if you got beaten by the clock. Most of us can do some sort of push up, sit up and air squat. Even rowing. 

However, there are times when movements are programmed and for one reason or another, we know there is no way we will ever be able to do that movement, no matter how hard we train and try. So we do a different movement. Is that a scale? Or an adaptation of the original movement? For an able-bodied person, using half the prescribed weight for a snatch is a scale. But if because of permanent damage by a previous injury, a snatch is never going to be possible, changing the movement to a different movement while maintaining a similar movement pattern and functional movement theme, this is not scaling, it is adapting.

If we constantly beat ourselves up about, “Oh but I scaled”, sometimes it’s hard to stay positive about our performance. However, if we accept that the movement modification is one of adaptation, then although we are not completing the workout ‘as prescribed on the board’, technically, in our own minds at least, we have completed the workout Rx.

For more information and examples of scaling and adapting, here are some pages you might like to visit:

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