I don’t know how you feel about this but I am so proud of our Regionals team. Actually, I think I do know how you all feel so I am going to put it out there that the community of T2 is very proud to have John, Ed, Janelle and Anna represent us at the 2018 Atlantic CrossFit Regionals. 

We watched (and heard) them train over the months leading up to the Opens and then admired them as they stepped it up to the next level as they started putting together team workouts. We groaned and clapped as the team events were announced and pondered and pontificated as to whether the events were good or bad.

Some of us were lucky enough to go to West Palm Beach and soak up the atmosphere of the whole event. But whether watching at WPB or on Facebook Live, we all felt the same chill/thrill, when the announcer called out “T2 CrossFit” over the PA system. ‘That’s our team.’

We willed the team to lift the worm; we tried to save you as you handstand walked up the steps and down the ramp; we raised you up the rope so you could wrap your feet; and we peddled the assault bike for at least 30 of your calories.

The skills and strengths required to compete at Regionals level is something else. Only a select few get that opportunity and then only because they are absolutely committed to following their dream and to doing the extra work required. It is a huge commitment and for that we thank John, Ed, Janelle and Anna. They did the work and we get to be #T2proud


T2 Kids Athlete of the Month: May (sorry it’s late)

Our May @t2crossfitkids athlete has been doing crossfit since she was 3! 1. How long have you been doing CrossFit? 4 years
2. What other sports do you play? Softball
3. What is your favorite CrossFit movement? Handstand Push Ups
4. What are you working hardest to improve? Handstand Push Ups
5. What athlete do you look up to the most? My mom

(Future member of the T2 team?)


Lurong Challenge : workout will be on Saturday, at 8:00am before the Community Class. Keep up the good work, And keep the food posts coming. 


CrossFit Specialty Course: Weightlifting 14-15 July 2018 @ T2 CrossFit. For more info and to register, click this link: https://training.crossfit.com/weightlifting


Girls Gone RX is back at T2 CrossFit – Saturday 8th September Teams of 3 Badass Ladies: 4 Workouts  There is also a new category: BAD Teams (Bad Ass in the Making) more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1815670758444395/


FITAID: is not free. Please pay for the cans you take.


Please keep bringing in your clean, used grocery bags. They will be collected and made into mats for the homeless. T2 is still collecting for the next couple of weeks. Thank you.


9:00am Saturday Community Class (Free – as many times as you want). This Saturday, come and meet our special community and coaches, and try a workout too. And the best thing, apart from the class being FREE, you don’t need any CrossFit experience. In fact, you don’t need any experience. 

10:30am Members’ WOD


T2 CrossFit Team


Members Involved in ‘Outside the Box & Charity Events:

Maria Dudek: 

So many of you have asked about the olive oil business and we thank you for all of the love and support! We harvest from our family’s farm in Kalamata, Greece, bring the oil back here and bottle & distribute in Bethel Park. Liokareas Olive Oil is all around Pittsburgh specialty shops but can be ordered at Liokareas.com! We deliver for free to your house (or the box)! If you have any other questions feel free to ask Jen “Licorice” Jennifer Liokareas or myself (or Michael Dudek when he shows! 😆) Thanks again!

***Promo Code: 20T2 for 20% off***

**Sunday Track** Back on schedule this week.

Totally unofficial workout but fun, even when it snows which hopefully it won’t now that it is June. If you want to get your Sunday moving, meet the group at Jefferson Middle School track ready to go at 10am (warmed-up and with your workout ideas ready to implement).


Hashtag your IG photos from outside the box to share inside the box.

Please let me know if you have any events coming up that you would like to share. They don’t have to be for charity. It can be just for yourself. Our T2 community loves to live vicariously through others.