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Traveling for business or pleasure? Either way, you might have the time and the inclination to drop in to another CrossFit gym. This is a great idea for many reasons – means you are committed to your health/fitness journey, you get to meet new, like-minded people, you get to check out how different gyms run their classes and you get to be coached by different coaches. 

Every box has its own drop-in procedure; chances are it is not the same as T2’s. So, please do yourself a favor, and the gym you are visiting, and check their website on how to proceed. Also try not to do it late at night while requesting to drop in at 5:30am the next day. 

Here is a link to a very good article outlining several ways to make your visit more enjoyable and how to leave such a good impression that the gym will welcome you back when you’re next in town. 

“Nine Ways To Avoid Being A Vile Visitor” : CrossFit Journal


Congratulations to our latest Intro Class Graduates : Kristin and Praneetha. Please say “Hi 👋 “ when you see them at the gym and if they are in your class, please help them if they look a little lost – remember when you first started? (rhetorical question 😊 )


Lurong Challenge : workout will be on Saturday, at 8:00am before the Community Class. Keep up the good work, And Keep the food posts coming.


CrossFit Specialty Course: Weightlifting 14-15 July 2018 @ T2 CrossFit. The course is designed to teach a coach how to, more thoroughly, teach/coach the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. However, even if you are not a coach but want to improve your own Olympic lifts, this is a great course to take as it breaks down each lift into its tiny components. For more info and to register, click this link:


FITAID: is not free. Please pay for the cans you take (cash or charge).


Please keep bringing in your clean, used grocery bags. They will be collected and made into mats for the homeless. T2 is still collecting for the next couple of weeks. Thank you.


9:00am Saturday Community Class (Free – as many times as you want). This Saturday, come and meet our special community and coaches, and try a workout too. And the best thing, apart from the class being FREE, you don’t need any CrossFit experience. In fact, you don’t need any experience.

10:30am Members’ WOD


Memorial Day Schedule: Monday, 28 May

No T2 Kids & Teens Classes

Adult Classes: 8:30, 10:00am and Noon



T2 CrossFit Team


Members Involved in ‘Outside the Box’ & Charity Events:

**Sunday Track**

Totally unofficial workout but fun, even when it snows. If you want to get your Sunday moving, meet the group at Jefferson Middle School track ready to go at 10am (warmed-up and with your workout ideas ready to implement).


Hashtag your IG photos from outside the box to share inside the box.

Please let me know if you have any events coming up that you would like to share. They don’t have to be for charity. It can be just for yourself. Our T2 community loves to live vicariously through others. 


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