Photo: Wade Roth

18.1 is done and gone. I hope you had fun with it and met or exceeded your expectations. Wade Roth took some great photos if you want to take a look. 2018-02-23 FNL Open 18.1

18.2 will be announced this evening live from R.A.W. Training up in Gibsonia PA. If you watch it on Facebook, you will need the Facebook App to watch it Live.


While you are watching the announcement, consider how much water you have drunk today. Have you done your best to stay hydrated? I know I have mentioned this before but I think, particularly given the effort you are putting into the Opens’ workouts, it is worth mentioning again.

If you are even slightly dehydrated, it will have an impact on your athletic performance tomorrow. If you wait to drink some water, or anything, until you are thirsty, you are about 1.5% in water-deficit. If you do nothing active, then it isn’t too much of an issue. But if you are working out or about to workout, you will feel the effects.

A guideline as to amounts to drink before, during and after a workout are given in the linked article “5 Vital Tips For Improving Your Hydration” . Drink before a workout and then every 20-30 minutes during exercise and drink again after. So, given these guidelines, I suppose you don’t need to be reaching for your water bottle 5 minutes into an 8 min WOD. Just saying. I know it’s a good excuse for a rest but …


Saturday 9:00am Free Adult Community Class – open to members and non-members alike, all skill levels (none to expert) welcome and encouraged. A little hesitant? Come with a friend.


10:30am Members’ Only WOD These are a lot of fun. Meet members whom you wouldn’t normally see. Workout with a partner or in teams of 3. And don’t worry, as always movements are modifiable and scaleable.


CrossFit Speciality Workshop: Culinary Ninja Saturday, 7 April 2018

This workshop is open to everyone; you don’t have to be a member of T2 CrossFit or even do CrossFit. Just love food.


Sending good luck and best wishes from New Bern, NC to everyone at #T2CrossFit who is taking part in the Opens. Go #TeamT2.


T2 Team


Outside The Box + Charity Events


From Dan Blevins:

31 March 2018 raising money for the Veterans Leadership Program. Registration is free but participants are expected to raise money for the cause.

‘Run For A Cure’ 

From Whitney Flemming:

I will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay this year, 6th May, as part of the “run for a cure” Pittsburgh group to raise money towards research to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.


Hashtag your IG photos from outside the box to share inside the box.