Meet our @t2crossfitkids February Athlete of the Month!                        

  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit? 2 months  
  2. What other sports do you play? Soccer
  3. What is your favorite CrossFit movement? Lunges
  4. What are you working hardest to improve? Push-Ups and Cartwheels 🤸🏼‍
  5. What athlete do you look up to the most? Sidney Crosby  

She says she likes coming to #crossfitkids because if feels good to exercise and it’s fun to see friends! #t2crossfit #t2kids #minibradletes #girlsquad #howdoyoulivewell @t2crossfit @crossfitkids


LuRong Challenge: YOU MADE IT! Congratulations. Now for the next challenge …..


CrossFit Opens: whether you are taking part or supporting, try to make it to Friday Night Lights. Talk to Brad or Anna about taking the online Judges’ Course. It is definitely worth it; it actually gives you a different insight into the movements you to do every day. Also, as and when it is your turn to judge, be it during the Opens or during a ‘named’ WOD at the gym, you will be better equipped to judge critically and fairly.


Congratulations to our recent grads from the Intro Class: Sierra, Lindsey, Melina and Stacey. If you see them in your class, please say Hi 👋


Alcoa recently had a Health Fair. Anna was there representing T2 CrossFit, dispelling the myths about CrossFit, and Jessie Hartman was there encouraging people to workout and then take advantage of her massage skills.



Thank you, Jen Hinds, for your Olympic updates. All very exciting to see sights from the Games from a spectator’s view point rather than TV coverage. 😊


In case you were wondering ….. How does jump rope help your body?

Your muscles—the gastrocnemius, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abdominals, forearms, and deltoids—get a workout. Your agility, hand-to-eye coordination, and balance will improve so that you’ll feel more sure on your feet. Rope jumping is also second to none for building strong bones.


Saturday 9:00am Free Adult Community Class – open to members and non-members alike, all skill levels (none to expert) welcome and encouraged. A little hesitant? Come with a friend.


10:30am Members’ Only WOD These are a lot of fun. Meet members whom you wouldn’t normally see. Workout with a partner or in teams of 3. And don’t worry, as always movements are modifiable and scaleable.


CrossFit Speciality Workshop: Culinary Ninja, Saturday, 7 April 2018


Have a fantastic weekend. Stay safe.


T2 Team


Outside The Box + Charity Events


From Dan Blevins:

31 March 2018 raising money for the Veterans Leadership Program. Registration is free but participants are expected to raise money for the cause.

‘Run For A Cure’ 

From Whitney Flemming:

I will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay this year, 6th May, as part of the “run for a cure” Pittsburgh group to raise money towards research to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.


Hashtag your IG photos from outside the box to share inside the box.


Paul and Joanna Update: We are in New Bern NC for a few weeks while Paul overhauls the engines; also waiting for the weather to warm up.


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