…Bring A Friend on Monday and/or Wednesday, 8th or 10th January 2018 (ie next week). Now is a really good time to get on your friend’s case. Maybe they made a resolution to improve their overall health and fitness. Be their best friend and help them to achieve their goal. You may bring more than one friend; your friend(s) may come both Monday and Wednesday; you may come to any class on those days, whatever is the best fit for your schedules. All movements and workouts will be modified and scaled as necessary.


“T2 CrossFit : 100% legit fitness” – T2 Member


…Take A Step Towards A Healthier Life Style

Lurong Challenge Series – Resolution 2018 begins on Monday, 15th January. It lasts for 5 weeks 1.15.18-2.18.18 with weekly workouts done as a community. Don’t overthink the challenge. Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists are all included. Lots of our members have taken part and are taking part. Ask them. Registration link: https://challengeseries.lurongliving.com/resolution18/

You don’t have to eat Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, Primal. The Challenge helps you clean up your present diet and helps you to make better choices.


…Improve Wrist Flexibility And Strength

A couple of weeks ago, we worked on shoulder and hip mobility to enhance flexibility. However, hands up those who could use a little more  wrist flexibility. Wrist flexibility and strength are important to being able to function injury-free, whether at work, home or at the gym.

Here is a link to some very simple yet effective stretches and exercises that can be done anywhere, at work, at home, in the grocery store checkout line, in the car while waiting at the lights; no excuses. Wrist and forearm stretches and strengtheners https://www.healthline.com/health/chronic-pain/wrist-and-hand-stretches


…Be Less Of A Kitchen Catastrophe/More Of A Culinary Ninja

Chipotle Turkey Chili with Butternut Squash

Paleo Nick will be visiting T2 CrossFit on Saturday, 7 April 2018. The workshop includes instruction on and discussions about the Zone Diet, food blocks (carbs, proteins and fats), food preparation and also cooking some delicious food. You go home with a wealth of knowledge and 16 servings of awesome food.

“Chef Nick Massie developed the concept of “functional food,” with which he teaches people how to build balanced recipes that are packed with flavor. His course takes the mystery out of meal prep and sets the foundation for turning you from a kitchen catastrophe into a Culinary Ninja.”    CrossFit.com

For more information:

CrossFit Workshop: Culinary Ninja



“T2 CrossFit: Better Butts Period” – T2 Member


…Have A Go/Give Best Effort/Not Worry About Not Being Perfect/Have Fun/Be A Part Of A Bigger Community …….

CrossFit Opens: “The Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games season and the largest community event of the year. Every year, hundreds of thousands of athletes come together to compete in the worldwide, online competition.”

Our coaches will talk more about The Open over the next few weeks. You can read more about the fabled Open by following the link below.

Registration for the Open begins Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018



…Once A Month, Attend

Saturday 9:00am Free Adult Community Class – open to members and non-members alike, all skill levels (none to expert) welcome and encouraged. A little hesitant? Come with a friend.


10:30am Members’ Only WOD These are a lot of fun. Meet members whom you wouldn’t normally see. Workout with a partner or in teams of 3. And don’t worry, as always movements are modifiable and scaleable.

Keep the hat and scarf handy. Lots of cold, cold, cold around this weekend.

Be safe on the roads.



T2 CrossFit Team