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Not sure which event from last weekend to begin with so I’ll mention both in the same breath – CrossFit Specialty Course: Weightlifting and South Fayette Chili Cook Off. The weightlifting course was 2 days; fortunately the chili cook-off wasn’t.

From the feedback we have received from course participants, Fred Lowe did a great job of teaching how to teach weightlifting to our athletes. It is one thing to be able to lift weights yourself but quite a different story to be able to teach, effectively and safely, others how to lift. Everyone learns differently and/or needs different cues and tips; a good coach is able to recognize quickly when one strategy isn’t working and be able to come up with another. That was part of what Fred was imparting last weekend.

Although we didn’t win the Chili Cook-Off, in my mind ours was the best. We did have a lot of great compliments and surprised faces when they tasted our chili and lots of promises to come and check out our facility. Please do.

Saturday, 9:00am Free Community Class, any level of fitness and ability welcome, you just need to try – can’t promise chili for afterwards though.


Back in September, T2 member, Steve Markovitz, took part in Bike MS: Bike Cook Forest River Ride 2017. He had a choice of 35 or 60 miles in a beautiful setting and for a great cause. Congrats Steve.


If you have children in our T2 Kids & Teens program, Monday 30 October is “Bring A Friend” day and ‘wear a costume’ day (if you want to and so long as it won’t hinder your workout, ie no long dangly bits, loose sleeves etc). If you are proposing to bring a friend, please let Coaches Dana and Jax know ahead of time so that they can plan equipment and workout strategies to keep everyone safe and still have a great experience.



Lurong 7:30am warm-up, 8:00am WOD

Free Community Class 9:00am

Members’ WOD 10:30am

RxSmartGear Jump Rope Clinic 12:30-3:30pm

And then, if you still have some energy left, T2 member Michelle Garlitz, would love you to pop over to Castle Shannon Vol Fire Department for some Corn Hole action, all for another great cause, something that is affecting all of our communities: Kick It For Mike – Building awareness of drug addiction through education. Click the link for more info.


Have a safe and wonderful weekend.


T2 CrossFit Team


Don’t tell her I told you, but it is Coach Anna’s birthday on Tuesday.



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