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Tell Us About yourself:  I’m your typical average guy.  Married, kids, house in the suburbs – nothing extraordinary.  One time / long time triathlete (including an Ironman) and still a wannabe adventure racer.

How would your best friends describe you?  Depends who you ask!  Somewhere on the spectrum between calm and reliable to troublemaker!

What is one thing that people find surprising about you?  I’ve lived and worked overseas for many years.  Lived in a total of nine countries and worked in fourteen.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?  I started in January of this year.  Worked my way up from 2-3 days a week to a consistent 5 days a week.

What made you start CrossFit?  I broke my hip last October in a running “incident”.  While laid up from surgery I started researching what I could do next since I figured a full time running program was out of the question.  Since I eat paleo most of the time (I call it “paleo inspired” which is essentially a paleo plus beer program) I came across CrossFit and it seemed the way to go.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?  I enjoy that there is no chance to be bored during workouts as I could get when running.  The varied movements each day and that time of the evening when I peek at the website to see the next WOD is something I look forward to.

What is your favorite movement?  Anything with Olympic lifts involved is great.  Trying to get in touch with my inner Vasily Alekseyev.

What is your least favorite movement?  Gymnastic movements.  Maybe someday I can pull one off.

What is your biggest accomplishment to date both CrossFit related and non-CrossFit related?  I think my biggest CrossFit accomplishment so far is showing up every day.  Never would have imagined last year that I would be at the gym every day – and look forward to going.

What is your next goal?  Pulling off an Rx would be cool.  More work to do before then.

What is your favorite WOD you have done so far?  Not sure I have a “favorite” except perhaps anything AMRAP so nobody can figure out how slow I am sometimes!


Very Important: because we are hosting the CrossFit Specialty Course: Weightlifting this weekend, there will be NO FREE COMMUNITY CLASS NOR WILL THERE BE A MEMBERS’ WOD on Saturday, 7 October.

Very Important: even though we are hosting the RxSmartGear Clinic on Saturday, 14 October, there will be FREE COMMUNITY CLASS AND MEMBERS’ WOD, YES.


If you are not taking part in the Weightlifting Course, come and support T2 CrossFit at the South Fayette/Bridgeville Chili Cook-Off. Last year we just participated and were awarded 3rd place in the People’s Choice Chili. This year we are going for gold with the Judges’ Choice; please come and vote for us. Our chili is the best anyway. The cook-off is held in Fairview Park, Saturday, 7th Oct, 12:00-4:00. For more details, click here. Thank you.


‘Bring A Friend’ Day was a great success. We had almost 20 ‘buddies’ come and visit; some even came twice. Thank you to our members for sharing their love of CrossFit with people who just needed that little bit of encouragement.


Our 2-week Intro Class begins on Monday, 9th October, 6-7pm. The other option is a 1-on-1 with a coach. For more details about either or both, contact Anna 412 277 5922 or email her at T2 CrossFit.


Lurong: Doors open at 7. Heat 1 at 7:30, Heat 2 at 7:45 – prompt


I assume that as no-one replied to my request for “coaches’ annoying habits”, that the coaches at T2 are just perfect.


Congratulations to Mark. I’ll leave it there. Have a great weekend. Steelers are at home, I think. Pens played their season opener this week. Can’t believe hockey has started already.


T2 CrossFit Team


Paul and Joanna Update: we are back in town for a few weeks so hopefully we’ll see you at the gym or at the Chili Cook-Off.


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