Nitty Gritty first:

Labor Day Hours at T2 (please read carefully)

8:30am   and     10:00am        

No Kids Classes/No adult afternoon-evening classes


RxSmartGear Jump Rope Clinic: a date has been set. It will be on Saturday, 14 October, 12:30-3:30pm. Sign up will be through the website link (to be made live very soon).


There will be the Free 9:00am Community class on Saturday (tomorrow) and the 10:30am Members’ WOD. However, next Saturday, 9th September, there will be no Community class nor Members’ WOD.


There is also the LuRong Challenge sign up going on.

Next Saturday, 9th September, is the Girls Gone Rx competition. Come and cheer on your favorite athletes.

Next Prep Class will begin on Monday 11th September.

CrossFit Games Teams Series: talk to Brad and Anna and for more info, follow this link:

The CrossFit Specialty Weightlifting course takes place on 7th – 8th October. For details on the course and a link to register, follow this link:


The following was written by one of our members. It is her way of expressing how she feels about the CrossFit community and how it takes her to new horizons.

What Inspires You? By Sarah Warman

Sometimes life can get mundane. It becomes a routine that is filled with work, chores, duties and appointments that take up most of our time. Sometimes life can feel like an endless list of obligations that we have to fulfill throughout of duty.  It can become boring, repetitive and uninspiring. What happens when you get used to a routine? You get comfortable. Your mind and body adapts. You’re stuck. You’ve plateaued.

CrossFit is the opposite of routine.  The workouts are comprised of constantly varied movements executed at high intensity. Every day presents a new workout with new challenges. The body cannot adapt. The mind must remain sharp and willing to accept new tasks. Because the particular task has never been completed before, the outcome is unknown.

The unknown can be intimidating. It can be scary. There’s no way to know what will happen if we change and challenge ourselves. But we certainly know what we happen if we don’t change.  We’ll stay the same, or even worse, we’ll regress.  We will always wonder ‘what if’ when we don’t take on new challenges. We will always wonder ‘if we could have been more’ if only we had been willing to take a chance.

If we are willing to accept change then it can be the pathway to improvement. But to accept change we must be willing to be uncomfortable. We must be willing to fail. We must be willing to accept the unknown. All these things can lead to improvement; and once improvement happens, it can be contagious and inspiring.

Photo Credit: Amy B Photography

I am inspired by those around me. I am inspired by those who have been broken and are putting the pieces back together. I am inspired by fellow members who have lost weight and are fighting for more. I am inspired by the moms and dads wanting to be in better health for their children. I am inspired by the CrossFit Games athlete who works hard to get stronger. I am inspired by the last person on the leaderboard who never quit even when it would have been easy to. I am inspired by coaches who freely give of themselves to help others improve. I am inspired by first responders who put others’ safety in front of their own. I am inspired by veterans who are leaders in their community. I am inspired by their commitment, their struggle and their willingness to take on new challenges. Every day I am inspired by these individuals and by this community.

What inspires you?


Good luck to those who are going back to school on Tuesday; be nice to your teachers. To those who have already gone back, enjoy your weekend. Please keep Texas and Louisiana in your thoughts as Harvey slowly exits the region.


T2 Team


The view from my window

Mizzen mast conquered

Paul and Joanna Update: we have finally got the boat to the stage at which we feel comfortable to move distances more than a mile or two. Today was a test run of 18 miles up the Intracoastal Waterway from Fort Pierce to Vero Beach. I rode the 18 miles back to Ft Pierce to collect the car while Paul climbed the mizzen mast twice, once to remove the old and and the second time to install a new wind indicator. We are awaiting the arrival of one more piece of the wind instruments puzzle and then we should be good to go. At the moment, we know it is windy when the wind whistles through the rigging; with the new system we will be able to tell how much wind is whistling through the rigging.


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