I understand it is raining again; I’m sorry.

Girls Gone Rx: if you want to guarantee a tank/shirt to be included in with your registration, Monday, 21 August is the deadline for getting it done. Don’t dillydally; register  through Girls Gone Rx site.

If you haven’t got a competition team, there is still time. If you don’t want a competition team but do want to be on a team, be on the volunteer team. The more hands the merrier.



Please remember to pay for your FitAid; it is not free.

However, the 9:00am Saturday Community Class is free and is open to anyone 18yrs and over (non-members and members) regardless of experience and fitness level. We love beginners and those having made the decision to come back to fitness and a healthier way of life.


Prep Class Graduates: Nick Lowery and Greg Redlinger

One-on-one Graduate: Kari Burnham

Congratulations to these three. Please make them welcome and help them out if you see them struggling. And, Kari, Nick, Greg, ask if you are not sure.


The platoon of Anna’s Army that followed her and Brad to Madison, WI gave her a keepsake to remind her of the experience and to show how much her effort and dedication are appreciated and inspiring. Thank you to everyone.


LuRong Living Challenge Series continues with the next challenge beginning on 18 September, it runs for 6 weeks and concludes on 29 October. If you haven’t done one of these Challenges before, try it this time. It is a very supportive way to modify your eating habits towards eating a cleaner, more healthful diet and by doing so, improving your well-being and overall health and fitness. Read about it and register at this link, https://challengeseries.lurongliving.com/champ17/ or speak with Anna or Teresa Ashley if you are not sure.


Looking ahead:

Saturday 9 September (Girls Gone Rx day) – there will be NO 9:00am Community Class or 10:30am Members WOD

The next Prep Class will begin on Monday 11 September.

The Jump Rope Clinic date has been narrowed down to the end of October/beginning of November. I mentioned a date last week, ignore it. Watch this space and/or the whiteboard at the gym for the final date.

CrossFit Specialty Weightlifting course, here: 7-8 October


Paul and Joanna update: No, we are not floating adrift in the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, we were evicted from our initial marina but have found another one to accept our mooring lines. The marina in which we started out is part of a condo complex and the condo association had voted that there would be no liveaboards in their marina; that boat owners could spend only 9 nights per month on their boats; and only 4 consecutive nights at one time. So the fact that we had spent 21 consecutive nights on the boat really was pushing the limits, so our eviction wasn’t a total surprise. (We are in the marina on the left ‘above’ the bridges.)

The trip across the St Lucie River put the first nautical mile on our new instrumentation. We are slowly sorting out the electronics and replacing some of the really bad stuff. On Monday we will travel 30 miles up the coast to Fort Pierce to have the boat hauled out so that we can paint her bottom. Hopefully this will stop or at least slow down the barnacle growth and I won’t have to listen to them ‘clicking’ during the night. Paul will also fit a transducer; this will give us a working depth sounder. And he is will fit a GPS so we will know where we are going, or at least in which direction we are heading. (The compass on board is questionable.) After that, not sure whether we will come back south or move further north.

Will post further updates here and in my blog, ‘Boating With Dogs’ and Paul is doing a good job of posting regular updates on Facebook.


Good luck tomorrow, well today now, to Ryan Cummings and his children. He is going sailing on Lake Erie. I hope your sails stay full and that the wind is always on your back.


Have a great weekend. Winding down from summer; gearing up for school.


T2 CrossFit Team


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