I know I am late in sending this out but I am not doing burpee punishment. Our daily burpees are enough. And I’m having serious internet issues.

It’s still HOT!

Drink water and eat food.


The Patriot Games was a great success. It was hot but our teams pulled out all the stops and put forth amazing performances.

Our teams’ results:

T2 CrossFit: Nicole Talak, Bill Best, Arielle Kraushaar and DJ Mercuri – finished 29/50

T2 Orange: Whitney Flemming, Janelle Hoak, Marc Kanski and Andy McNelis – finished 18/50

And our two badasses, John Hansen and Ed Hurley along with Stephanie and Taylor – finished 1st (last rep of last WOD)


Saturday is the deadline for signing up for an Anna’s Army Games shirt. There will be no late orders with these shirts. It’s Saturday or Saturday. Thanks.


Handstand Clinic, Saturday 24 June 10:30-12:30


We celebrated Bradletes 2.0. It was as hard this time as it was last year. Hopefully, you saw improvements in your time and/or weights. However, if you first ate cake, then probably not. The cake was delicious.


LuRong Challenge: thank you to everyone who participated. We had lots of winners and I don’t just mean from the WODs/videos. Inches and pounds were lost in gay abandon. I will try to get some actual statistics for next week.


Next Intro Class will begin Monday, 10th July.


Girls Gone Rx Competition to be held here on 9 September 2017. Get your teams together. Information here , registration details here and standards here.


Saturday Free Adult Community Workout: 9:00am

Saturday Members’ WOD: 10:30am

I think there is an additional ticket left for the CrossFit Games in Madison WI. PM me if you would like it or want info about it.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend. Good luck to everyone who is competing this weekend.

Don’t know how the NHL draft (draught?) went. The big question is, though, will the new team win the Cup next season?


T2 Team


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