HOT HOT HOT! Yes, we know it’s hot.

Please make sure to drink plenty water. Spread your intake over the day. Chugging a bottle of water right before your workout won’t help that workout.

And don’t forget to eat.


Comptetition Time. T2 has two and a half teams competing at the Patriot Games on Saturday. The competition will be held at RAW Training. Here are a couple of links that give additional information: Patriot Games 2017 and Patriot Games 2017 Facebook if you would like to go and cheer them on and to see what a CrossFit competition looks like. Good luck ladies and gents.

Our teams:

T2 CrossFit: Nicole Talak, Bill Best, Arielle Kraushaar and DJ Mercuri

T2 Orange: Whitney Flemming, Janelle Hoak, Marc Kanski and Andy McNelis

And two more badasses, John Hansen and Ed Hurley make up the half T2 team with two ladies, Stephanie and Taylor from other gyms.


Last weekend, Ryan Estabrook took part in a partner competition. Congrats to him and Tim: “I was the lone representative for T2 today at the Voodoo Throwdown in Homestead. Pictured here with my partner Tim B. We came in 5th place in the RX division. Great event! I highly recommend. First Crossfit competition.”


We are holding another Handstand Clinic, Saturday, 24 June 10:30-12:30, 12 people limit, $25   It will be geared more towards beginner capabilities, so prerequisites: be able to kick up on the wall sometimes though not comfortable being there. Maybe a HSPU or two with lots of mats. Contact Anna to be included on the list.


Happy Birthday to T2. One year ago, on Monday, 20 June 2016, we officially opened the doors to T2 CrossFit and our first official WOD, Bradletes 2.0 In case you don’t remember it, it involved a 1200m row, toes-to-bar, power snatches and bar facing burpees.

In celebration of our birthday, on Monday, 19 June 2017, and fortunately the day after the end of the Lurong Challenge, we will have cake. There should be enough for all members to have a piece. And it is paleo. It will be there at 6:15am. Thank you for taking a chance with us and for your continued support in helping our family/community grow.


LuRong Challenge: final workout will be held on Saturday, 17 June at 8:00am. Doors will open by 7:30am in order to allow time to warm up. After completing this workout, hang around for the Community WOD, and/or Members’ WOD


Next Intro Class will begin Monday, 10th July.


Girls Gone Rx Competition to be held here on 9 September 2017. Get your teams together. Information here , registration details here and standards here.


From Jessie Hartman (yes Andrew’s sister): During my training as a Massage Therapist, I worked with some of you over the winter. I am now fully licensed and board certified. I am working with the T2 CrossFit team to come back on a regular basis to offer massage services, pre- and post-workout, injury prevention, overall maintenance. More details to follow soon – Facebook page, website, information brochures.


Saturday Free Adult Community Workout: 9:00am

Saturday Members’ WOD: 10:30am

And I have one ticket left for the CrossFit Games in Madison WI. PM me if you would like it or want info about it.

Patriot Games at RAW Training address, date and time.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend. Good luck to everyone who is competing this weekend.

Haha! The Pens went! And they won. Back to Back Champions.


T2 Team


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