Anna and Brad came back from Regionals in Atlanta, GA  and just in case you hadn’t heard, Anna qualified, for the 5th time, to go to the CrossFit Games in Madison WI. It was rather a nailbiter; came down to the last event. Anna’s Army, grouped together in the stands and on the rail, was willing her through the assault bike, over the boxes and squatting and cleaning the 100#sandbag ball over her shoulder.

Congratulations to Anna and Brad.


And, I have just found out that another #bradlete will be going to the Games – Lisa Mealey Marquette. She will be competing in the 35-39 yrs Masters’ category. Congrats, Lisa.

Thank you, Paul Sebastian, for holding down the fort whilst we were all away.


LuRong Challenge: fourth workout will be held on Saturday, 10 June at 8:00am. Doors will open by 7:30am in order to allow time to warm up. Thank you to Paul S and Teresa for leading things last week. Anna is back for this week. After completing this workout, hang around for the Community WOD, Members’ WOD


Do you, when you see rowing in a WOD, tremble and quake at the thought of sprinting 500m?

Do you, when you do the Free Community Class, dread the 1 minute calorie row? Do you take your time getting your feet strapped in/out of the straps just to cut down on the time you actually have to pull the handle?

Would you rather row at a rate of 2:00min/500m rather than 2:30min/500m and not feel so gassed at the end of it that all you can do is roll around on the floor?

Well, ….. the Row Clinic will help with all these terrors and more.

Rowing Clinic: Sunday, 11 June, 10:30-12:30 see Anna to sign up. Open to any T2 member and will be focusing on efficiency – getting the most meters/calories for your pull. Cap of 24 so get your name down. $25


T2 CrossFit Kids: Just had to show off these two:


Next Intro Class will begin Monday, 10th July.


Saturday Free Adult Community Workout: 9:00am

Saturday Members’ WOD: 10:30am

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Go Pens!


T² Team

Anna’s Army

(at Atlanta GA)