Learning and Relearning Skills

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‘How the heck does one do CPR on a tortoise?’

You will, I hope, be pleased to learn that Coaches Brad, Anna, Joanna, Dana and Jax, and Paul T have been recertified in the use of CPR and the AED unit we have on site. We all practiced our compressions on “Annie”, shocked her with the training AED and managed to revive her. Hopefully this is one skill we will not have to use.

—– Call 911 : Check for a pulse : Compressions —–



In-house Rowing Clinic: Sunday, 11 June 2017
It is open to all levels of ability and will use the Concept 2 rowers. There is a cap of 24 for the group. If you are interested, see or contact Anna directly to be added to the list. Minimal charge: $25


Lurong Challenge begins in less than 2 weeks. Still time to register and take part. You have taken the first step to a healthier you with your physical exercise; the Lurong Challenge will help you take the next few, setting you on the correct path for clean eating.


Regional shirts should be in by middle of next week. Cash or charge, either works.


Downtown Pittsburgh will be a little crazy this weekend. No, the Penguins are not playing at home; the Pittsburgh Marathon and its associated races and events are taking place. To everyone who is running, be it the full, half, relay, Good Luck, Have Fun and Stay Warm. Forecast at the moment isn’t looking too good.


And speaking of the Pittsburgh Penguins ….. Go Pens!

Have a great weekend. Be safe.


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