17.4 + St Patrick’s Day Celebration = Potentially A Bad Idea

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17.4 …. will it be thrusters? Will it be wall balls? HSPU? Rowing? Maybe even dumb bells again. Regardless of which movements and in what combination, it is going to hurt. And as such, recovery from said WOD is vitally important to your health. I am aware that it is St Patrick’s Day (Friday, 17 March) and whether or not you have managed to trace all the way back to find the slightest genealogical Irish ancestry, the chances are some of you will be celebrating; please be careful. Try to consume some decent food and at least a few glasses of water to offset against anything else in which you might imbibe. (It’s the mother in me; I’m just a caring sort of person.)


17.3 … Congratulations to everyone for last week. Belated happy birthday to Mike Mercolini. I understand it was quite the party and celebration as athletes, once again, went above and beyond their expectations for the squat snatch. Here are a few examples. The energy and positive atmosphere generated by everyone watching and cheering is obviously quite uplifting. So much so that the weights were flying up overhead. #community (photos by: Amy B Photography, and members)


T2 CrossFit Preteens Athlete Spotlight this month: 1. How long have you been doing CrossFit? 2 years  2. What other sports do you play? Softball  3. What is your favorite CrossFit movement? Rowing and Wall Walks  4. What are you working hardest to improve? Pull Ups  5. What athlete do you look up to the most? Coach Dana (my mom) and Arielle. This @t2crossfitkids athlete says she loves spending time at the box. Watching everyone workout and have fun motivates her to try harder! #crossfitkids #crossfit #minibradletes #t2crossfitkids #howdoyoulivewell #stronggirls @t2crossfit @crossfitkids @crossfit  (photo: Wade Roth)


Four more new members graduate from our Intro Class tonight. Please welcome into our T2 CrossFit community: Katie Stanich, Jessica McNeely, Beth Beck and Manivannan Narasimhan. They have been working extremely hard over the past two weeks to master the basic movements we use in our workouts. Congratulations and welcome.

The next Intro Class begins Monday 3 April. For more info, email Anna at

Check your calendar: Sunday, 2 April 2:00-4:00pm Krush Clothing extravaganza. This is a chance to workout, socialize and, dare I say it, spoil yourself. More info soon.


TCrossFit Kids, Preteens & Teens are almost full to capacity. We have 2 spots left in the Kids class (6-9 yrs) and a wait list for Preteens and Teens. If your child is interested in signing up, please contact us   (photos: Wade Roth)


Friday Night Lights once again begin at 4:00pm. If you are planning on completing 17.4 on Friday evening, check in with Coach Brad when you arrive at the gym. He will then give you your heat assignment. Post WOD treats will be much appreciated. Thank you. Good luck.


9:00am FREE Community Class. Yes, it’s free and you may come as many times as you like. It is not a ‘one and done’ deal. It’s a ‘free and many’ deal. Please spread the word about this as there seems to be some misunderstanding. Thank you.

10:30am Members’ WOD

If you need to do 17.4 at a time other than Friday evening, contact Anna and/or Brad.


We will be ordering some T2 CrossFit sweatpants. There are sample pants to give you an idea of the type of material and sizing. I don’t have a price as of right now but will let you know as soon as I get one. If you would like a pair, please sign the sheet in the lobby area by the end of day Wednesday 22 March.


I’m confused. If St Patrick’s Day is Friday, why was the St Patrick’s Day parade downtown Pittsburgh last weekend? Why not this Saturday as it is closer to the actual day?

Have a wonderful and safe weekend. Good luck to everyone running in the Shammrock Marathon and Half in Virginia Beach.



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