Please Let There Be Burpees

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This is the time of year when bulbs are beginning to poke through the soil, leaves are beginning to bud, when Girl Scout cookies are being delivered around the country, and the CrossFit Opens are here. I wonder if people order the Girl Scout cookies to eat as comfort food while they listen to the announcement of what 17.1 will comprise.


2017 Reebok CrossFit Games: Opens 17.1

These are the movements etc for the Open Rx level.

For the weights, variations etc, follow this link:


Friday Night Lights

During the Opens, the schedule on Fridays will be:

5:30, 6:30, 9:00am and 12:10 classes will be as normal. The workout will be a variation on the Open workout.

4:00pm onwards will be FNL. For those who have registered for the Opens, heats will be run until the last person has finished. There will be no regular classes on Friday evenings.

Please come to cheer on your fellow members and just immerse yourself in the atmosphere. It really is something to experience.

I will set out the tables if anyone would like to bring a plate to share. I’ll bring a few cookies.


Summer Hours For T2 CrossFit Kids & Teens beginning Monday 19 June.

9:15-10:00am Kids

10:00-11:00am Preteens

11:00-12:00     Teens

Please mark your calendars.


Saturday 9:00am Free Community workout will take place as usual. And also the members’ WOD at 10:30am


T2 Community News

T2 members, Chris and Cristie Capozzi, over the next few weeks will be holding a Fish Fry. He asked me to share the following:

“My wife Cristie and I volunteer every year. I cook all day long at the VFW Post 8308 which is located at 446 Georgetown Rd in Lawrence PA 15055. It is about 12 minutes from the gym. All proceeds go directly to the VFW Post where it is used to make improvements to the Club. Some of the things we have done are installed smoke eaters so it’s not so smoky, we have renovated the men’s room and are in the process of renovating the ladies room. I’ve been told by many people that it’s the best fish around. (Not to toot my own horn). I am including a copy of the menu. Thank you so much!!!”


Girl Scout Cookies

A few weeks ago T2 member, Jen Larence, posted on the Community Board an order form on behalf of her daughter Stella. The final figures are in. Your amazing generosity once again came to the fore and it turns out that:

“Stella sold 394 boxes total and with your help 105 of those boxes have been donated to the troops and 15 went to the Food Bank.  Stella was the top seller in her troop, Troop 16247.  Thank you for your support!” (from Jen)


Reminder: Sunday, 2 April @ 2:00pm Krush Clothing


Yes, Paul had shoulder surgery on Tuesday as a result of old age and much misuse and abuse over many years. All went well; there were no surprises fortunately. He suggests that he will be doing HSPU very soon. Thank you to all for the good wishes sent his way.


OK so last week I was wrong; the Winter Classic ice hockey game is this weekend and not last weekend as I said.

Please let burpees be in 17.1

Have a great weekend. And good luck to all in the Opens, newbies, veterans and everyone in between.


T2 CrossFit Team


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