A Couple of One Weeks, A Five Week + Fran

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I hope your year has started well. Here at T2 CrossFit, we began by meeting Fran. The atmosphere was a mixture of anticipation from those who have never met Fran before, and dread and denial from those who had and needed to increase their weight from their previous meeting.


Just in case you hadn’t heard, we have introduced a new 7:00pm class Monday-Thursday and a new coach, Paul Sebastian. Please be gentle with him, at least for the first week. Paul is very knowledgeable about CrossFit and is a great addition to our team.


New Year’s Resolutions and Goals have been set? Well done. If you have set CrossFit/fitness, dietary goals, take a few minutes to speak with Brad and/or Anna to help set a realistic timeline to keep you on track towards achieving them.

Thank you to all the members who have brought a bauble and a friend (but not necessarily in that order). The feedback we have received from the guests has been very positive. Hopefully we will soon be welcoming some new members. There are a couple of days left for “Bring a Friend + Bauble” (Friday and Saturday). Actually, even if you don’t have a bauble, bring a friend anyway; if you could just let us know ahead of time that would be appreciated. And we might even extend it into next week too.


The next Intro Session begins on Monday, 9 January if you know of someone who would like to try a couple of weeks of CrossFit.


One week left to sign up for Jon North Lifting Seminar. It is open to all skill levels. There are, as far as I know, a couple of spots open still.  Sign up on Jon’s website,


And one more week left to finish up all those holiday treats as the LuRong Challenge Series Resolution begins Monday, 16 January. If you don’t know what this is, speak with Anna or other members who have done previous challenges. It’s a program (from our small community to worldwide) designed to help get you back on a healthy dietary track with the support of like-minded people, not to necessarily lose weight but to definitely lose inches.  There are workouts every week with baseline workouts at the beginning and end of the 5 week challenge.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – although the main prize is how much better you feel at the end of the challenge, there are prizes on offer. T2 CrossFit already has two winners, Brad and Amy Jo, for their early sign up.  Registration can be found through this link:


Saturday morning community class will take place this week as usual. I am still waiting to hear if we will be holding the community workout on Saturday, 14th. I am hopeful. Thank you for your patience. Please watch social media, the whiteboard and email.


Our T2CrossFit Kids, Pre-Teens & Teens program is growing in numbers and strength. All ages get to use the same equipment, it is just scaled according to size and ability. These Teens are using their newly learned skill of dumbbell thrusters combined with several burpees to get in their workout for the day. (photo credit: Wade Roth)


Right now it is snowing and extremely cold. If you are out and about, please be careful.


T2 CrossFit Team


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