Generosity In Abundance : ‘Me Time’ Is Scarce

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me-timeThings are getting really busy out there so it is imperative to remember to take time for yourself. “Me Time” is important. It allows you to focus on just you, to block out everything that is going on around you or at least, hold it at arm’s length for just a little while.


bradFit.Coaches.Corner : A cornered community for coaches to teach and learn together, featured our very own Coach Brad Tobias. I think we would all agree that he does a pretty good job. If you would like to read more about Brad and his coaching style, tips and hints, follow this link


fullsizerenderToy Drive: Saturday 3 December is the last day to donate a toy to the South Fayette/Bridgeville Food Bank. If you have already donated, thank you so much for your generosity.


Also, if you have volunteered a basket for the Chinese Auction at our Winter Shindig, if possible, would you bring it to the box by Saturday 3 Dec? Thank you again for your generosity. If you can’t make it on Saturday, then as early as possible next week.

58400roasted-pepper-basil-skewers-64873-580x250Share a Dish Saturday, 10 December: There will be hot food provided at the party but if you would like to bring a dish to share, that would be lovely. Paleo or not, doesn’t matter; savoury or sweet, your choice. Again thank you.


Facebook Members Discussion Page: if you are a member of T2 CrossFit and are on Facebook but are not a member of the T2 Members’ Discussion Page, please ask your T2 member friends to add you to the group. Sometimes important information and general chat goes on to this page but doesn’t appear anywhere else except on the whiteboard at the box. If you don’t go to the box for whatever reason, you will miss the announcements.


LuRong Challenge early 2017 : Heads Up – begins on Monday 16 January for 5 weeks. Early registration, for prizes, begins on Monday, 5 December. If you have any questions about the Challenge, as in “what is it?” or similar, ask Anna or look up the LuRong Challenge page


Jon North, The Attitude Nation Lifting Seminar : Saturday, 14 January 2017. Register through his website. His goal is to help you with your lifts to help you safely and efficiently improve and set new PR’s.


img_3275And finally but definitely by no means least, our FREE Saturday 9:00am Community Workout. This circles back to my opening paragraph – Me Time. Do it for yourself. In the end you will find that you are doing it for others (your family, friends) because you will feel better in yourself and this will show as you interact with others. You don’t have to have CrossFit experience; you don’t even have to be working out on a regular basis. Heck, you don’t even have to workout at all. Let this be your new start, your “Me Time”.at-least-give-me-time-to-change-your-mind-quote-1

Members’ WOD at 10:30am


Have a great weekend. Stay warm. And be careful if you are putting up lights.



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