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img_0601In last week’s blog/email I asked if any junior members would like to contribute with a sentence or two about their weekend activities. I received a reply from Addison.

T2 Kids’ athlete Addison Tecza: “I played my very first soccer game on Saturday! I played really hard and had so much fun Mom said I smiled for the whole game!”

I would still love to hear from the juniors of T2CrossFit.


Last weekend was a busy weekend for our adult members too.

We had two, Alex Kuhn (his first) and Kirbie Standley, competed, though not together, in the Spartan Race in Wampum PA. The website says, “We never have trouble finding enough mud or the most beautiful backwoods for a race, but nothing compares to the pristine acres of Mines and Meadows in Wampum, PA.”

Erin Bazaz, who is taking the Intro Class, completed her first ever Marathon.


Then there were the WODLife River Games.

14519768_1332992270068809_1203200142726142666_nJohn Hansen competed on Saturday in the individual competition and finished 2nd overall. On Sunday, John teamed up with Ed Hurley, Nick Cherish and Steve Dukes as Team T2. After a nail-biting, comeback from-last-by-a-long-way in the last event, they pulled out a win of that event and took 1st overall in the competition.

Our other team, Team T2CrossFit Orange – Jax Campos, Matt Miller, Dylan Mary, Arielle Kraushaar – finished a very respectable 5th place overall in their division. And, they too, won their last event.


Also, going for the past two months, has been the CrossFit Games Team Series. The final workouts were completed last weekend and our three teams finish in the top 30 out of 495 teams worldwide. The teams were:

14590407_10100974221963522_7633079541338988879_nTeam Clean Snatches: Janelle Hoak, Geoff Wysocki, Billy Best and Whitney Fleming (finished 5th in their division)

Team T2Orange: Dana Taylor-Tecza, Arielle Kraushaar, DJ Mercuri

Team T2Black: Dan Bretthole, Andy McNelis, Jax Campos, Ann Talarico

Congratulations to everyone who competed in CrossFit and other events.


Fall Brawl competition takes place this coming weekend. It is a long-standing event and our very own Ed Hurley is competing. It takes place at RAW Training up near North Park. Please go out to watch and cheer him on. But wrap up; my recollection is that it tends to be a little bit chilly. This is the link to the Facebook page: Fall Brawl, R.A.W. Training


We missed biting the bullet on Wednesday – World Burpee Day – but what we had was almost as bad – World Plank Hold Challenge. Ouch! Congrats to Andy McNelis for the champion hold of 16+minutes.


Our Free Community class will again take place at 9:00am on Saturday. Last week some members brought friends and they loved it even though the friends were rather hesitant beforehand. This week, reach out again to that one friend you know would really have a great time if they could just get through the door.

The 10:30am Members’ WOD will be back to normal. The boss is back.


“The Equalizer” Lurong Championship Challenge workout will start with the first heat at 8:00am on the dot. The gym will be open by 7:30am for warm-up. Not sure who or what it is trying to equalize but at least it is only 9 minutes.


If you are still on the fence as to whether or not to attend Fred Lowe’s Snatch Seminar, now is the time to decide. The clinic is a week on Sunday, 23 October. Even if your long-term goal is not to compete against Anna, this clinic will be of huge benefit to you. Speak to Anna or Brad.


And a couple of new things:

img_0207FitAid is now for sale at the gym …. $2.50 ea cash, or 2/$6 if paying credit card (has to be 2 cans for credit card; this is due the exorbitantly high processing fees we are charged per transaction. Sorry.)

Girl Friday Cooking Co will deliver prepared meals to the box. They are paleo, not paleo, vegetarian, vegan … More details can be found at


14522717_10209041651711796_3902670027589952480_nDo you have a fire pit? (I wish we did.) Or a wood burning fireplace? There is plenty of FREE (there’s that word again) chopped firewood in the back room at the box. Please help yourself. Paul spent hours making it all ‘burnable’ size.


If you get to the gym a few minutes early, be constructive, hop on a rower, take a jump rope, do some shoulder raises on the rigs, stretch….. so long as it doesn’t interfere with class. There are lots of exercises and movements that you can do, which if done consistently will only increase your strength and mobility.


Have a great weekend.

For more photos and information of what goes on in and around T2 CrossFit, please visit our T2 CrossFit Facebook page


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