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A snack to help you through the grumpy times (link to recipe at the end)

The expert in anything was once a beginner.

LuRong Challenge first benchmark workout is under our belts. Second one coming this weekend. First week’s euphoria of the Challenge has worn off and now it feels real. Slight withdrawal symptoms, a little grumpiness, sometimes a craving but when we share and own up to these feelings, there is so much support from the T2 community, it helps us to muscle through it all. The recipes that make one’s mouth water, are rolling in with pictures too. It is too late now to register for the Challenge itself, but if you feel you would like to still join in to see how it works, let Anna know.

Benchmark Challenge WOD will begin at 8:00am prompt on Saturday, 24th; gym will be open at 7:30am to facilitate warm-up on your own and equipment set up.


I'm smiling because I did it!

I’m smiling because I did it!

You may have read, in social media, about CrossFit transformations. Well, T²CrossFit athlete, Jax Campos celebrated her 2-yr CrossFit anniversary this past week.

Jax, thank you for sharing these few details. I know some of us have very similar stories. It is good to know we are not alone.

Q: It’s been 2yrs since you started CrossFit.  Before you walked through the door that first time, would you like to describe your workout schedule?

Jax: I didn’t have a workout schedule. It was more of a party schedule, haha.
I “ran” maybe once every other week or so and by “ran” I mean, not even 3 miles in 1 hour. I was not into it. I wasn’t patient enough to keep working towards seeing results. I was easily discouraged so I just didn’t do it.

Q: What prompted you to take that first step into CrossFit? Why not aerobics? Running? Cycling? …..

Jax: I tried running. It was hard for me since I was so over weight and when I couldn’t get a mile under 16 minutes, I just quit. I also tried cycling, it got to be too repetitive for me and I didn’t see results quick enough so I was not able to stay motivated. Anything I tried in the past, didn’t work for me because I was easily discouraged, I was lazy and I quit everything.

Jax and Jackie Perez met up at 2016 CrossFit Games

Jax and Jackie Perez met up at 2016 CrossFit Games

I had never heard of CrossFit before but when I found out about it, I was instantly drawn to it. I actually found CrossFit through Instagram. One of the people I followed, posted a picture of Jackie Perez. On her profile, she had posted before and after pictures of some of her clients and they were quick transformations. Her posts looked fun so I started looking at videos on YouTube as well and after I started seeing all that, it was hard to stop and I had to try it. I was sold so I quickly began looking for a CrossFit gym in Pittsburgh.

Q: Has CrossFit helped in ways other than just physical? 

Jax: CrossFit has turned my whole entire life around. The physical change is the first and possibly the only thing people see but, there’s so much more!
I have so much more confidence, I am happier with myself than I ever thought I could be. I’m not partying every single weekend anymore. I’m not depressed and barely ever feel anxious. I really just learned to prioritize my health and well-being. And the amazing friends/family I’ve made, that’s just a huge bonus!

Q: Do you find that the CrossFit community helps not just inside the box but outside as well? How?

T2 community, family and friends

T2 community, family and friends

Jax: It has helped in every way. I’ve gained so many great friends who actually understand the lifestyle and we support each other in every way.
I’ve learned the difference between a friend and a drinking buddy.
The CrossFit community has given me a much more positive outlook in life and everything I do.
I’m more motivated to go out and enjoy life and what it has to offer. I’m not drowning myself in a bar and I’m not embarrassed to be seen in public because of my weight anymore. That right there, is worth everything!

Q: If someone had told you 2 yrs ago, you would be deadlifting, cleaning and snatching the weights that you are and throwing around wall balls with ease and all the other movements that challenge you everyday, how would you have reacted?

Jax: Honestly, I’d probably just laugh. That’s it. Haha.
Even though I played soccer through high school, I never considered myself an athlete. I never thought of myself as a strong person and when it came to exercise or anything physical, I’d complain a lot. So, I never thought I’d be where I am today.

Q: If you have set any CrossFit goals for the next 2 years, would you like to share any of them? 

Team T2CrossFit Black

Team T2CrossFit Black

Jax: First, I need to become more consistent with my skills. A muscle up would be awesome!
Definitely in two years, I want to Rx the CrossFit Open and just see where that takes me.
I want to be able to represent T² CrossFit well whether it’s in a local or a bigger, well-known competition. Whether it’s individually or a part of a team. Being able to compete alongside athletes like Ed Hurley, John Hansen, Steve Dukes, Nick Cherish and even Anna, it would be absolutely amazing! (that might take more than two years but, a girl can dream!!)
Hopefully one day I’ll be able to beat Anna in a WOD! Haha. That goal will get dragged out as long as it takes for me to reach it!
Gosh, the possibilities are ENDLESS!


img_2211Kids running around playing games and having fun don’t realize how much they are moving and how many different muscles (including their ears, eyes and brains – I know they are not muscles) they are using. This is what’s happens as part of the growing program for T2CrossFit Kids, PreTeens & Teens.


14457269_1315474531820583_6999741524288094769_nOur FREE Saturday Community workout will be at 9:00am as usual. Make this a little “you time”.


Fred Lowe Lifting Seminar on Sunday 23 October. Beginners and experts welcome.


Good luck to everyone running in the Great Race this weekend.


LuRong Challenge ‘legal’ recipe: Fall is all about pumpkin, so …..



This cinnamon pumpkin granola is both gluten free and Paleo. A delicious, healthy snack, topping or breakfast cereal.


Good luck to everyone running The Great Race on Sunday. Have fun. Be safe.

The T²CrossFit Team