You Know You Should So Here Is Something To Help

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We all know we should stretch every day even if it is just a few stretches for a few minutes. However, more likely than not, you get your workout done and then have to rush off telling yourself that you will stretch later. Hmmm, later never comes. There is always something more important to do.

But if we want to keep going and working out without injury, we really need to do our bodies a favor – and stretch. With that in mind, here are three stretches you should be doing at least 4 times a week. All can be done at the gym, two of them definitely at home.

Band Stretch for your shoulders and into your lats

Take a band, the thicker the band the more resistance, and wrap it around a bar.
1) Thread one hand through the band so that the wrist rests on the band and your palm is facing the band. Grab around the band with your hand.IMG_1806IMG_1807
2) Walk backwards until your arm and the band are extended with a little tension/resistance in the band. Lower down into a half squat. Keep your arm rotated so that your thumb, if you extended it, would be pointing to the ceiling.


3) In the half squat position, keeping a flat back, gently lean backwards allowing the band to stretch your arm, shoulder and into your side/lats. Also look at the ground and try to get your head below the level of your arm. Remember to keep your palm/thumb facing upwards.


Hold the stretch for 30 sec. Gently ease off the tension from the band and your arm by standing slowly. Repeat with the other arm and then once more for each arm.


‘Couch’ Stretch for quads, hip flexors, front ankle and shin

For this stretch, you will be more comfortable if you have a soft pad for your knee. You need a wall, or the side/back/front of a couch. This should be a gentle stretch, not a painful stretch.

1) Place your pad next to the couch. Balancing on two hands and one leg, gently slide the other leg down the couch/wall so that your knee is on the pad touching/almost touching the couch/wall and your foot is pointed towards the ceiling.  IMG_1812


If this is as far as you can get, stay there; hold the stretch for 30 sec.IMG_1814





2) If you are able, gently straighten up so that your torso/neck/head are upright. Do not arch your back (tight core). Push into the front foot, keeping the knee stacked over/slightly behind the ankle.IMG_1815IMG_1817





Hold this position for 30 sec then gently lower back down.


Repeat with the other leg and then once more for each leg.


Pigeon Pose mainly for hips

You might need a pad/folded towel for this.

1) Lunge out with one leg, front knee stacked over the ankle, letting the back knee touch the ground. Push out on the front knee for 20-30 sec.IMG_1824

2) Bracing yourself on the opposite hand and extended leg, gently bring your front foot across in front of your body. The goal is to get your lower leg at 90degrees to your torso with your knee on the ground. For the moment, remain upright.


3) Gently lean forward keeping your hips level and parallel to your front leg. Do not let the hip that is being stretched drop to the ground. Keep your spine straight.IMG_1826IMG_1827

If necessary, place a mat/folded towel under the stretched hip to maintain correct positioning.IMG_1830

Hold this position (or as far down as you are able to go without compromising your position) for 1-3min.

4) Very gently and slowly, roll out of that position. Repeat for the other leg. Do this stretch just one time on each side.


That’s 10 minutes max of stretching plus maybe an extra 5 minutes to transition and prepare between stretches. And you can break it down into 3 different time slots; they don’t all have to be done one after the other. I am as guilty as the next person but I will try to make a new commitment to my body given that it is the only one I have and am ever likely to have.


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