Summer Showdown and a New GHD

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Last weekend T2CrossFit member, Ann Talarico took part in the Summer Showdown at CrossFit Athletics. She and her partner for the event, Andrew Chongaway, finished a very respectable 13th/30 teams.

After the event I asked Ann if she would share some of her experiences.

IMG_1349Was this your first competition?/Have you competed in a partner competition before?

This competition was my third competition and my second partner competition.  I really like partner competitions because you have to work together and rely on each other to get through each workout.

How were you feeling going into it? Did things settle down once you got going?

I felt really good going into the competition, I always have a lot of energy going into these things and sometimes the hardest part is trying to corral all that energy.  The first workout was the deadlift three rep max and I still had a bit of that nervous energy going in, but once I got going, I was able to settle in and focus.
Which was your favourite workout? How many WODs were there in total?

In total there were three WODs.  My favorite was the second WOD.  It was the 5 minute max effort calorie on the assault bike and 5 minute max effort meter row. Going into the workout we were seeded in the 2nd heat and by the end we were re-seeded into the 5th heat, so we were able to make up a lot of ground.  I was really proud of us!

What did you eat before, during and after the event? Particularly after, to help with recovery.

I didn’t want my routine to change too much, so I ate my normal breakfast of scrambled egg whites and oatmeal  During the day I wanted to keep it as simple as possible so I relied on Perfect Food Bars because they give me all I need nutrition wise, I could eat them quickly and they are really good!  I was really hot, so I drank a ton of water. After the competition, I just had my usual protein shake, bananas and a sweet potato.

How long had you been training for this competition? Did you do anything different than just normal WODs?

Honestly, I didn’t change my training at all for this competition.  I have a lot of structure with the training I have now, and I work really well with that.  So going into the competition, Brad and I talked about keeping things the same, working through my strength program and WODing as normal.  Going into Saturday, I felt really good.  Keeping things the same really worked to my advantage.

Do you have another event coming up in the near future?

Right now, I don’t have anything planned.  I just want to get back into training, get stronger and work on my skills.  I really love to compete, so hopefully I can get back into it soon!

Congratulations to you and Andrew.


IMG_1401And just in, the new GHD (glutes/hamstrings developer). A huge thanks to T²CrossFit member, Paul Brach, Pittsburgh Shoulder to Hand for this very generous addition to T²CrossFit’s equipment. He is the PT who kept coach Anna in one piece for her grueling training sessions leading up to the Games. If you haven’t used a GHD before, make sure to ask coaches Brad or Anna for the correct way to use it. There are plenty of wrong ways which will probably lead to injury. And we don’t want that to happen.


A great way to start Saturday is the FREE Adult Community Workout. Come as you are; no experience required. It is open to everyone no matter your fitness level. 9:00am for 45-60mins. Bring a friend.

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Have a great rest of the week.


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