How Many CrossFitters Does It Take To Find A Car?

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How Many CrossFitters Does it Take to Find a Car?

As you may have been aware, last week our coaches, Brad and Anna were away on vacation. Oh, I’m told it wasn’t a vacation. Actually, in case you didn’t know, they were at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson, CA. The CrossFit Games is the equivalent to the World Cup in soccer. It is the world cup of CrossFit.

Anna shared her thoughts over the days of the competition and in her final round-up of the event and of her 10th place finish, of which we are extremely proud – Anna for achieving, Brad for coaching and training her to be able to achieve.

There is another side to the CrossFit Games though and that is from the spectators’ perspective. A good sized group of our members and friends made the trip to Carson, primarily to cheer on Anna but also to experience and soak in the atmosphere of the CrossFit Games.

I asked them to share some of their stories, experiences, bloopers and thoughts that I will now share with you. In order to protect the identity of some of them, I have changed or omitted their names. (It is a little long but very light reading. And there is a link to registration for the Lurong Challenge at the end.)


“I pooped my pants on the rope chipper, nuff said” #woo

Ann: “The best moment was when they showed the top ten finishers on the screen and Anna made top ten. It was about 100 degrees in that stadium and I had chills. It was an amazing moment. The second was her first place finish in the rope chipper. She beat Chyna by a tenth of a second, that was another absolutely amazing moment.“

Jax: “This week has been one of the best weeks ever. Watching Anna compete and crush it like she did, was exhilarating! It’s unlike anything. The adrenaline rush you get at the tennis stadium just watching, it’s out of control. I can’t even imagine how the athletes must feel.”

Dana: “I’ll get back to you. This could take a while….

Marc and Aylesa, Brad and I made the flight! Did you hear them call our names over the loud speaker?”

Bryanna: “Best: seeing Anna happy with her results after being so disappointed last year. We’re all always proud of her but it was so rewarding to see her be proud of herself. Also, seeing Brad happy with her results and posting about it on Instagram!¡!¡

Disappointing: not being able to see Anna through media coverage. We have to step up that social media game and get her more followers so we can see her more! (This will help all the Pittsburgh homies see it too!)”

Marci:   “I agree with Ann and Jax. That finish was my favorite (and most stressful) moment of the games. I have to say though it is a privilege to watch and cheer for her. No matter what the end of the event brings, she gets up (even though I imagine she is completely exhausted) to cheer on and congratulate the other athletes. She obviously has an amazing ability but she is also just an all around great person/athlete.”

“What happens in the parking lot of the StubHub center… stays in the parking lot of the StubHub center.”

Diane: “Haha Marci!!”

(Ed note: the parking lot story goes, as I understand it, that after spending nearly 12 hours sat in the hot sun watching all the athletes competing and doing their stuff, our troop of 7 lovely ladies left the stadium to retrieve their car and go back to their hotels to sleep. They knew they were in Lot 7, just didn’t know in which direction Lot 7 lay. They asked a security person who pointed vaguely ‘over there’ and off they went. They felt they needed the exercise and were very buoyant at first. An hour and a half later and having the feeling that the security personnel were radioing ahead that a band of 7 ladies were making their way towards them looking for Lot 7 – ‘tell them it’s over there’ish’ – they eventually crawled to the car and collapsed.)

Dana: “Hey Siri…how do you drop a pin?”

Diane: “#nomads   #dontfollowtheleader”

13627071_1263239927044044_8699677232253211866_nAnonymous: “MJ this is proof that you were leading! I was in the back peeing my pants.”

Ria: “1. As I am sitting here talking to Ann and Jax, our collective thought was…”Katrin won? That’s nice…we don’t care…where did Anna land?!” Marc and his stellar math skills figured it out before it was announced…but we needed to see the name to believe it. When her name came up top 10, there was joyful screaming, tears, hugs, chills, jumping up and down and so much emotion.

  1. It was an honor to see her finish after the year she has had.
  2. Ann and Jax touched the ocean for the first time. A wave took out my sunglasses and me and I walked out of the water wearing half the ocean floor in my bikini. Sand for days. It was in my mouth as well.
  3. Brian pulled a total Pittsburgher and grabbed an orange cone to hold his parking spot….and after 3 hours, it was still there and we parked back in the same spot. (Ed note: I believe this was actually at the StubHub Centre where parking is at a premium.) Then he and Jax tossed the cone into the trunk for the next day

Marci: “I think Anna finished Murph in a shorter time then it took us to find the car.”

Dana: “I’m 100% sure she did. And the orange cone trick is brilliant Maria. I’m so mad we are not that smart.”

13680984_1263239913710712_1625147240400485956_nMarci: “We also scaled a wall. Who has that pic? (Ed note: I do now.)

13607054_1263243337043703_8220929972383946429_nRia: “5.Driving a caddie through Compton playing us some 2pac…we earned some serious street cred.

6.Getting to see Anna eat a giant ice cream sandwich. The look on her face was pure joy

7.Seeing Brad smile and look so happy.

8.The ultimate moment in watching the competition was when it came down to seconds in the rope chipper. The crowd was on its feet and the energy was electric. Coolest thing to be a part of…I felt it down to my bones.

9.Being able to eat whatever we wanted as Brad said we are on vacation. He can’t take those words back. That cancels out any burpee broad jump penalty

  1. Getting an Anna-hug after the games.
  2. Lastly, being able to chill with my girls for a whole week vacationing in California and getting to watch the Games with a very cool group of T2 woocrew box mates.

And …. I vote Jax to be Anna’s social media director. That girl is so tech savvy and has skills when it comes to the hashtags. I was disappointed that Anna got very little recognition.

Also, after she placed 10th…because we had on her name and number printed on our shirts, we got FitAid for days.

Once again, I bought half of vendor village at the Games. I clearly support swag. And I still have to wear all my shirts from the vendors at Regionals.”

Diane: “I gotta word for you…dent” a la Sara while playing Bananagram after the car incident.” (Ed note: you need to ask the individuals involved to get the full story; I will not share this one. But I am assured it was very funny at the time; another chapter.)

Diane: “That’s for sure! Stacey, Zoë and I were walking through vendor village on day 4 and people were REALLY finally taking notice of TUNNICLIFFE on our shirts and pointing at us, smiling at us, thumbs ups etc. About damn time I say!!”

Diane: “Oh! And going into the athlete training tent and being able to see Anna in between events while Antony was working on her. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of protectiveness when I saw him stretching her, kneading her muscles, etc like, “You take care of her, she’s precious cargo and she has workouts to kill after this”. She looked so vulnerable lying there. Then as we walked away, I remembered, this is one of the best athletes in the world. She has this! They have a plan and we will get to watch it unfold. And then I relaxed.”

Ria: “Diane…I felt the same way when I saw her. He took such good care of her. Big heart for a big guy

Diane: “Maria, wasn’t he a doll?!! I could have listened to his accent all day! (Ed note: Antony is from Australia.)

Brian: “If you haven’t been there, the 100+ temps are MORE brutal on the spectators just sitting in the bleachers for hours than the athletes wodding. Heck, most of us got sunburn THROUGH a shirt & 50 SPF sunblock. ….Ouch!

I support anyone that has achieved greatness through hard work & dedication.   THIS is why I make the super inconvenient trip to California for it. Watching Anna win the chipper over Cho by such a small amount cannot be understood if one wasn’t in that stadium. We all felt like we were the ones who just wodded. Inspiring…truly.

Good: the organization with which CF runs the Games is amazing. More food vendors & the new vendor village was a great improvement.

Bad: was the stupid handstand ring PUs & ever boring peg board. I tweeted CF to let them know.

Awesome stuff: getting to know better and laugh with CF friends; tons of laughs with them.

IMG_0955Funny thing: was the orange cone parking spot holder. Every time we left (StubHub) for the day, we’d put a cone in front of our spot to hold it and wouldn’t ya know, no matter what time of day we got there, the spot was saved. Adding to the ‘reserved parking’ was just driving right through security to the spot as if we had some sort of pass.”

Brian: “I type this from our last incident….a 6 hour drive from Newark since our Pittsburgh flight got flat out cancelled with no solution. Had to cancel 2 appointments. Grr….

I’m sure I’m missing stuff. Oh well. Hope she goes next year!”

Andrea: “And apart from Anna, this was pretty much the highlight of every day!”

Andrea: “As exciting as it is just to be at the Games, we (BSP and I) have learned second time around that the crew you are with makes the experience, in this case, awesome. We have a one of a kind community. It goes beyond just friends who workout together. We all genuinely care about each other. And we are so thankful to Jo and Paul for opening the box and giving us a place to be together. And of course Anna and Brad … to see them happy is priceless, especially after everything they went through this year. It was a much earned and deserved sweet victory for Anna. There were a lot of laughs and much screaming for one reason or another. And tears of joy.”


Lurong Challenge:

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