Day 1: 3 Events : 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games

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(Written Wednesday evening, 20 July 2016)

13775567_1259204994114204_6608364655666971877_nFour alarms and a wake up call were in order this am to make sure that there was no possibility of missing the 3:30am meeting that was announced last night.  Fortunately I only needed one alarm and we were up and ready to go. We headed to the hotel and were told to not bring food and only one bag. We were told we were having bag checks shortly but first we had an announcement from Dave Castro. We gathered in the room eagerly awaiting some sort of information.  And what we were told was to prepare our bags for a flight. We were taking a plane ride somewhere…


So we got to the airport and were given our tickets and finally found out we are flying to San Jose….we were going to The Ranch in Aromas….the original venue of the CrossFit Games.

The flight and bus ride to The Ranch was smooth. We got there and were given a quick intro and welcome, and then it was down to business. We were told what the first two events were and then we had 30 mins to warm up and get ready.

Event 1:  7k trail run – not your average trail run. So hilly that at times you had to pretty much walk or bear crawl your way up, which meant the decents were very challenging too.  That event just about led straight into ….
Event 2: deadlift ladder starting at 275 pounds and increasing 10 pounds per bar. You had 30 seconds to rotate and complete the next lift and get the bar back to the ground for the rep to count. This event started 10 mins after the last person finished the run and the order of athletes went in reverse finish order of the run.

The 7k:

It was suggested to wear the pants to protect our legs on the climbs and decents, which was a great idea, however they were very hot!  I struggled with my body temperature a little during this event and slowly slipped back through the field as the event went on. I was telling my legs to go but they wouldn’t.  The run, however, was fun and challenging.  You had to have total concentration while running so that you got your footing right. I was slightly worried about my ankle so I taped it before the event but still didn’t want to charge down a hill and take myself out on Day 1.  There was one part of the run that we basically bear-crawled up the face of a hill and then returned down the same face so I just sat down and slid down on my butt, arms in the air.  It was super fast and at that point I was extremely happy I had my pants on. But then, after that, it was back uphill again!

After finally finishing, I was able to hop in an ice bath quickly to get my body temp down and then hopped out to start warming up for the deadlift. I finished 9th in the run which meant I went 31st on the deadlift ladder.

The deadlift ladder:

FullSizeRender-7I was pretty happy with how this went.  I have never been super strong and will never be the strongest person but I pulled as much weight as I could and was happy to finish with 325 pounds for my final complete lift. I would have liked 335 but my back and hamstrings were not having it and again I didn’t want to break myself today given we have A LOT of events ahead of us still.

After this event, lunch was served and we got an hour rest before the next event was announced. Lunch was rice and chicken and broccoli.  I don’t normally eat rice but seeing as this was the only option given I had to get something inside me for what was to come.

Dave then announce event 3: 20# Wall Ball


50 x wallballs at 20# and a 10′ target
25 x 20# wallball GHD sit-ups
Hill sprint with your wallball.

Rotator-announcementAromas2I was quite excited for this event and felt pretty good going into it.  I struggled with no reps, however, on the wallballs for squat depth. I’m not at all going to blame my judge as she was doing her job and I can’t thank her enough for doing it. It was my own fault although I didn’t feel the difference in my squats between the no reps and the reps so I was struggling to find what was right. My rep scheme after that went downhill and I lost a bit of time because of it. Once we moved to the GHD and the run, though, everything went quite smooth and I was happy with how the run finished.
13716062_1259258847442152_4736013385845986653_nBut it hurt…a lot….in my butt and upper hamstrings!!!  All day we worked that part of the body quite good and I’m really feeling it but more in a tired way than a sore way.

Fortunately, Dave did say that this was our last event for the day and that we could get cleaned up and get ready to head back to the airport. But he also threw in there to meet at 7am tomorrow at the hotel to get briefed and bussed to our swim event.

Fortunately, we got to eat again before we loaded the busses and headed to the airport. On our way we learned of the nationwide systems shutdown of southwest flights and that our flight was delayed.  So what was supposed to be an 8:30 departure getting us in just after 9:30, turned into a 9:45/10pm departure landing around 11…but good news as I’m writing this…we just got called to say we are boarding now (9pm) Woohoo!

So, after landing…it’s home for a quick recovery and snack session and the SLLLLEEEEEEP!!!

A big thank you to everyone who was cheering for me today!  And a massive thanks to Brad for keeping me calm through the phone and helping me with today’s wods!

Good night!