Zeus and the Fittest On Earth at the CrossFit Games

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Zeus Ropes    vs    Regular Ropes

If you haven’t already noticed, we have a new set of jump ropes for use. The original set is on the right; the new set is on the left. Both sets are really pretty colours and a selection of different lengths. I am sure you will find the length that suits you best if you need to use one for a WOD or just to practice your double-unders (DUBs).

However, be warned. The ropes on the left are called “Zeus” ropes. And for good reason. They are much heavier than the ones on the right. Try them by all means but be careful if you miss a jump; your toes will likely feel as though they have been hit by a thunderbolt.


You may be aware that Coach Anna will be competing in the CrossFit Games for the 4th time out in Carson, CA next week. This is the world championships of CrossFit so it is a pretty big deal. As Coach Brad is also Anna’s coach, he will be going too, so that they can strategise the best possible approach for Anna for all the events, regardless of what they maybe. If you would like to write a note of encouragement, best wishes or something witty to make them smile, Jen Larence has very thoughtfully provided cards, envelopes and pens just for this purpose. The box is on the bench by the computer screen.

FullSizeRender-2Given that both our main coaches will be away Monday through the following Monday morning, we ask for your patience with the schedule. The gym will be open during all scheduled class times and there will be the Skill/Strength and WOD posted for each day on the board. There will be a qualified coach at the box during all of the scheduled classes; the organization of the class may vary though – open gym with coach or coached class. The back squats will still be 5# heavier than this week as will the strict press at the end of the week. The protocol for pull ups will increase as well.

The Free Adult Community Class will take place as normal on both Saturdays as will the Members’ WOD.

Thank you for your patience. We will, hopefully (technology permitting), be screening the Games coverage at the box, so please come and cheer on Anna and Brad.

For those of you who drive from the Mt Lebanon area, good news – Painters Run Road is open.

FullSizeRender-3Finally, just in case you have been wondering,

No, the 8ft wall will not be in any scheduled WOD in the foreseeable future.




Have a great week. Stay hydrated.

See you at the box.

Joanna, Team T2CrossFit