Coach Michelle

A wife and mom of 4. Graduated from the University of Dayton with an Exercise Science/Fitness Management degree a long time ago. Michelle has worked in cardiac and physical rehab, corporate health and wellness, and in personal and group fitness training. She currently have my Level 1 CrossFit certification along with the kids certification.

Michelle has been doing CrossFit for 5+ years and loving it. She loves wodding with all the people she’s met along the way and a looks forward to meeting all the new CrossFitters joining T2.

Coach Dana

Dana has been doing CrossFit for almost 6 years. She is a kindergarten teacher for the Mt. Lebanon School District and a mom to 3 amazing kids.

Dana fell in love with CrossFit because it pushes her harder than she had ever pushed myself. CrossFit has worked wonders for not only her physical strength but her mental strength as well.

Dana holds her Level 1 and CrossFit kids certifications. Coaching the T2 Kids, PreTeens and Teens she loves watching kids work hard everyday and learn to be proud of all of their accomplishments both inside and outside the box!

Coach Lindsey

Lindsey is the wife of CrossFit coach Matt and the mom of two boys Joesph and Isaac.  She started CrossFit in October of 2016 being the last of her family to test the water and was hooked! She had to take a brief break after her second son was born, and joined T2 in March of 2018

She has a passion for helping others through heath and wellness and enjoys empowering others to take control of their health through natural solutions.

Lindsey is excited to be a part of the kids coaching staff and have the opportunity to work with the T2 mini-Bradletes.

Coach Amy

Amy started CrossFit in early 2013. Having never considered herself much of an athlete in the past, she was amazed to find herself hooked on a sport that made her feel like a kid again! Except now, she recognized the value in only competing with herself and always striving to be better than she used to be. She was lucky to find a community with the same values when she joined T2 in 2017.

Recognizing the athlete within through CrossFit has been life changing for Amy. It’s built confidence, taught her how to persevere through life and what it truly means to be resilient.  The lessons CrossFit has taught her inspired her to get her L1 but more importantly, her CrossFit Kids certification. Amy feels that teaching kids the fundamentals of the CrossFit methodology is more than just about giving them a good workout- it’s about teaching them to be good people, inside and outside of the box. Working with the kiddos of the T2 community is truly an opportunity that Amy doesn’t take for granted!

Amy and her husband, Mike live in Mt. Lebanon with their two CrossFit bred kids, Jackson and Wyatt. She’s a full time school counselor in the Upper St. Clair school district. When she manages to find some free time, you can find her outside, drinking coffee, reading the Morning Chalk Up.